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2020 2.0 Re-Release
A lite ReShade which stays true to the original DS3 atmosphere, and won't destroy your framerate.

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Incandescent ReShade 2.0 Update

In anticipation of my planned ReShade for Sekiro, I decided to first come back and update this popular Dark Souls III mod to the new ReShade standard. This new version is more user-friendly, and easier to tweak in-game on the fly, without the need for minimising, refreshing, saving, backing up files, and all the other fun steps I went through to get the original mod to a state I was happy with. 
With the advances in hardware over the years since original release I've decided to leave out the lite version from the update, though it is still available in its legacy format.


Want a ReShade that doesn't kill your fps? I agree that DS3 is a good looking game, but there was just something that always looked a little off about it. This ReShade will remove the grey, washed out colours of the vanilla game, without over saturating or adding unnecessary effects so it still feels the same, giving you the full intended definitive Dark Souls experience. 

Tombs, nights, and shadows will be darker. Torches, candles, the sky and reflections will emit more light, enhancing the 
over-all atmosphere.

Darks should be darker, lights should illuminate more, and fires should feel warmer. See screenshots for comparison, but please note that the screenshots and videos aren't entirely representative of the changes you'll experience in game, especially after undergoing compression.

HTHMods, and NorthWind kindly made a couple of video comparisons for your enjoyment:


v2.0 Installation

Installing ReShade
1. Download the ReShade installer from https://reshade.me
2. Run the installer, and select "Click here to select a game and manage its ReShade installation".
3. Wait for the list of .exe's to populate, or find the DarkSoulsIII.exe manually using the "Browse" button to the bottom right.
4. Click on "Direct3D 10/11/12".
5. From the list which pops up select only "SweetFX by CeeJay.dk", and "Legacy standard effects" (to be safe or simply if you'd like to play around with them yourself, you can enable all effects throughout the installation).
6. Ensure all effects are ticked in the following windows by pressing "Check all", and click "OK". Do this multiple times for each window that pops up. ReShade is now installed.

Installing Incandescent ReShade 2.0
1. Download Incandescent ReShade 2.0 through NexusMods.
2. Un-zip "Obanons Incandescent ReShade 2.0.ini", and the "reshade-shaders" folder to your "Game" folder--the same location your DarkSoulsIII.exe is found. Overwrite if prompted.
3. Launch the game and if you installed ReShade correctly using the steps above, you'll have a notification in the top left of your screen.
4. When ReShade tells you it has loaded successfully, open the configuration menu using Shift+F2, or Home.
5. Below the "Home", "Settings", "Statistics" etc. tabs click on the long bar next to the "< >" arrows, and ensure "Obanons Incandescent ReShade 2.0.ini" is selected from the drop-down menu.
6. Adjust your in-game brightness settings to taste. I'd recommend travelling to a dark location in-game to adjust accordingly. 
7. Use Scroll-Lock on your keyboard to toggle the ReShade on and off. This hotkey can be adjusted using the configuration overlay.

Optional, but highly recommended 
Your experience with this mod will vary drastically depending on your monitor. As such, I'd highly recommend taking the time to calibrate your monitors colour and gamma settings using a website such as http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test
It is a time consuming manual process, but getting it right is something that will improve your gaming and media consumption experiences across the board. 
If you've gone out of your way to purchase an expensive high quality monitor, do your wallet and eyes a favour by taking the time to get the most out of your investment. This is
an overlooked but valuable step, as often two identical monitors have the potential to look different side-by-side out of the factory.
Personally after doing this myself, I went from changing my in-game brightness settings from 3 to 5.

v1.5 Legacy Installation

Download and un-zip to your games 'Game' folder where you find your DarkSoulsIII.exe
I recommend a lower in game Brightness setting—personally mine is set to 3—but this will change according to your own taste, and monitor calibration.
Use Scroll Lock to toggle the effect in-game.


Is this mod safe to use online?
As it does not affect any existing game files, yes it is perfectly safe to use online.

Version 2.0
Updated to the new ReShade installer platform.
Should be more performance friendly.
Removed 'lite' variant from 2.0. Please use legacy version 1.5, or disable "Ambient Light" effect front game using Shift+F2 in-game.

Version 1.5 variants include Incandescent, and Lite. Now considered Legacy.
Lite includes the basic effects, gamma, and colour corrections.
Incandescent includes the above in addition to the 'bloom/ambient light' effects. Is a little more taxing on your system depending on your hardware and resolution.

Version 1.5
Various visual and performance improvements. Snow should no longer be more blinding than Solaires' elusive sun, for example.

Incandescent ReShade - SDT Edition for sekiro available now

Elden Ring Incandescent ReShade - Erdtree edition available now