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First ever upload so be gentle.


Want a Reshade that doesn't kill your fps? I agree that DS3 is a good looking game, but there was just something that always looked a little off. This Reshade will remove the grey, washed out colours of the vanilla game, without over saturating or adding unnecessary effects so it still feels the same, and you get the proper Dark Souls experience. 

Tombs, nights, and  shadows will be darker. Torches, candles, and even the sky and reflections will emit more light (without affecting their brightness), and over-all the atmosphere will be more fitting.

Two version available: Incandescent, and Lite. 
Lite includes the basic effects, gamma, and colour corrections
Incandescent includes the above in addition to the 'bloom/ambient light' effects. Is a little more taxing on your system depending on your hardware and resolution.
Darks should be darker, lights should illuminate more, and fires should feel warmer. See screenshots for comparison, but be wary that the screenshots still aren't entirely reflective of what you may notice in game. HTHMods, and NorthWind also kindly made a couple of video comparisons for your enjoyment:



Download and un-rar to your games 'Game' folder where you find your DarkSoulsIII.exe

I recommend a lower in game Brightness setting — personally mine is set to 3 — but this will change according to your own taste, and monitor calibration.

Use Scroll Lock to toggle the effect in-game


Version 1.5
-Various visual and performance improvements. Snow should no longer be more blinding than Solaires' elusive sun, for example.

PS. If anyone wants to help me with formatting and getting some images in this description, I'd appreciate it.

PPS. Any and all feedback welcome. I'm tweaking it more and more as I go through the game.