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DOOM Eternal music replacer for Dark Souls III

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Are you tired of boring orchestral music and want to spice up your gameplay with heavy, electronic, argent metal music?... No? Oh.

Well for those of you who do, you may enjoy this mod. It replaces DS3's music with DOOM Eternal music, because we all need a bit of Ripping & Tearing in our lives.

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Go to DS3's installation folder (find the game in Steam, right click > Manage > Browse Local Files).
  3. (Optional) Backup the "sound" folder in "DARK SOULS III/Game".
  4. Extract the contents of this mod, and merge DS3's sound folder with this mod's sound folder, overwriting files.
  5. ???
  6. Profit.

Now that the nitty gritty technical details are over with, let's go over what was replaced with what.

-Song List-

  • DSSI (Dark Souls Sound Inserter) - Used to make this mod
  • Audacity (older version that doesn't spy on me) - Used to edit and cut out portions of certain tracks
  • FromSoftware for making Dark Souls
  • Id Software for making DOOM
  • Mick Gordon, Andrew Hulshult, and David Levy for the DOOM Eternal OST
  • Geoffrey Day for one particular track
  • ogilvie - DOOM Souls artwork