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A change for Ornstein's Dragon Slayer armor, so you can play with it how it should have been from the very start

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So, basically i ported the boss model and replaced the vanilla one, i mantained only the Arms and legs because they are the same, but for the helmet and weapon there are some tiny differences and details, then, there is the whole chest piece, where the most differences are noticeable.

Also, the armor comes with custom textures, those being:

-Ds1 (Player)

-Ds1 (Boss)


-Ds2 Old Dragon slayer(It's an edited variant of SteveCroser's mod, and i thank him for letting me use this one, i couldn't find any official textures from DS2)

-A custom color for the DS2 Spear

-Ds1 Boss plume for all the helmets

With all that said, from an Ornstein fan, to other fans of this boss, Enjoy the new look! ;)