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AmbiSouls is an app-hook that enables the user to add custom music to the levels and boss rooms of Dark Souls III.

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AmbiSouls is an app-hook that enables the user to add custom music to the levels and boss rooms of Dark Souls III. While most mods work by manually installing files inside the game's directory, AmbiSouls comes as a stand-alone application, completely separated from the game's code (Yes, it can be used online) and does all the heavy lifting for you. Details and Features of the app are listed below:

  1. Completely customizable. AmbiSouls retrieves audio files from an external directory of your choice. Once it scans the designated folder, it adds all the audio files it has detected to an internal audio library which you can view inside the app, by navigating to the Audio Library Section. Please note that AmbiSouls only supports .OGG VORBIS audio files for the time being (Use an .OGG online audio converter like this one if your files are not in .OGG format). AmbiSouls also comes with a bunch of other settings, making it easy to customize its behaviour to your liking (appearance, performance etc.).
  2. Versatility with audio assignments. After successfully importing your files, you will be able to assign any audio track you want to any area or boss room you choose. This is also done by navigating to the Audio Library. Once there, just drag your desired audio track and drop it inside the slot corresponding to the area you are interested in. This can also be done while the game is running, allowing you to change your game's audio on the go if you have a change of heart.
  3. Stable across the board. AmbiSouls is designed to manage low level logic in the background while you enjoy your game. This means that even if you are playing with any other mod installed, AmbiSouls will never break the mod, or itself. Mods that warp the player to registered locations inside the game's code are 100% supported out of the box. AmbiSouls also detects events like player death, Darksign/Homeward warps, etc, so you will never have to lift a finger.
  4. Works out of the box. No extra setup work is required after downloading the files. Run AmbiSouls, import and assign your files, then run Dark Souls III, and you are good to go!

  1. Cemetary of Ash + Iudex Gundyr
  2. Firelink Shrine
  3. High Wall of Lothric + Vordt and Dancer of the Boreal Valley
  4. Undead Settlement + Curse-rotted Greatwood

Please also note that the memory the app consumes is heavily reliant on the size of your audio files. For users utilizing 8 GBs of RAM, it is recommended that you only use files that are no more than 30 minutes long. Users with 16+ GBs of RAM are free to use any length they desire. That said, you are free to import as many files as you like, since only one track is played (and therefore consumes memory) at a time.

Some other things to keep in mind:

  1. AmbiSouls is developed and tested on a Rig with 8GBs of RAM using Windows 10.
  2. Make sure that no audio slot is left unassigned. If any slot is left unassigned, it might look like AmbiSouls is behaving incorrectly on those areas, when in fact, it isn't. Support for unassigned slots will be added in the future.
  3. Use of loop-able tracks is also recommended in order to maintain maximum immersion during gameplay.

Thanks for giving AmbiSouls a try! Have fun playing Dark Souls 3 while listening to your favourite soundtrack!