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All the other mule saves didn't seem to be *just* right for me, so I made my own.

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Simply a save file of an SL1 male character with every item/armor/weapon/rings/etc in the game.
Andre has all the coals, the handmaid has all the non-npc ashes, and none of the quests have been started, fully upgraded estus flask at 15+10, all sorceries/pyromancies/miracles in inventory.

This save file is barebones. No upgrades for the weapons, no levels, no nothing. Except for, you know, everything.
I may have missed a few things here or there but they shouldn't really be important in the long run.

I cannot promise this won't get you soft-banned, but I trust my own work online if that's anything to go by.

Thank you for checking out my save file, sorry for the character name.