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Edit: Hey guys, what's going on in this thr- By satan...

look at dem requests :V

See Ivan? This is what happen if you don't check your uploaded images that often.

Because i'm such a generous person, of course i'm going to give 'em to ya. So here's all of her sliders for all of your weeaboo needs.

Note: her face looked shitty in the dark. Find a good lighting source or go outside before you ogle her or fap to her you loser. Oh yeah in case you didn't know, you can use all of her slider for male, in case you're looking for a pretty preset to cosplay as Gwyndolin or something. You can thank FromSoft for that.


  1. LordAthenas
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    Which armor is that?
  2. smallorc31
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    im not gonna lie its pretty good man nothing close i will ever make
  3. revilus720
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    I wanna try it on my male character.
  4. muu333
    • member
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    Thanks for the sliders! My character's skin still looks a bit off, but I think using your settings as a starting point helped me get a lot closer to what I want.
  5. kazibaba
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    Friend, your link seems to be invalid, I really like her
  6. 777Sloan
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    "...before you ogle her or fap to her you loser."

    Too late.
  7. SchattenJoshi
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    I tried it, the face looks strange from the side.
  8. DracoX66
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    why does mine do not looked like that? im on PC help!
  9. JSPumpkinKing
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    She looks like a Bride
    IN ARMOR!!!
  10. CaramelFrappe
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    Thank you for including the sliders in your description. Believe it or not, I just want a good looking female character since the default faces are 'meh' along with the fact when I try to improve it myself ... it tends to look worse (usually so).

    I bookmarked your Imgur on the sliders, and you will always have my thanks good sir.