Dark Souls 3

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  1. FastBlackCat
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    Hey there, how are you? And you're adventuring in Dark Souls now? Great shot!
    1. jobra888
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      Ohhh .. nice to read you

      actually I'm playing several games at the moment: ESO, Fallout 3, Darksouls 2 and Darksouls 3 which I've bought just a couple of days.

      I'm doing fine .. hope you too

      PS: I'd really like to post some fallout captures again but I try to keep a distance to nexus since they have put some mods of mine under permanent moderation .. I've told them the source of a resource I've used but they seem to be to lazy to get in contact with the resource author (here on nexus) to get their confirmation; that's why I'm quiet dissapointed of nexus :/