This is an modification of "Unofficial Reguation 1.36" available at
Butcher Knife is my favorite weapon for Dark Souls 3. I like to play my walkthroughs with a Sexy Nude Warrior.
It's up to you to create your own sexy warrior with required hair color


1. [Weapon ]
 - Butcher Knife is now buffable.

2. [Class]
  Warrior Class to start with a sexy female warrior
 - Helm: Removed Northern Helm
 - Armor: Removed Northern Armor
 - Gloves: Replaced Northern Gloves by Violets Wrappings
 - Pants:  Replaced Northern Trousers by Loincloth

3. [Equipment]
 - Loincloth Weight was set to 0.
 - Violet Wrapping Weight was set to 0.

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