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first Mod ever, and its for Dark Souls 2. Audio Overhaul (Still in progress) INSTALLATION, DOWNLOAD ZIP, OPEN FOLDER AND DRAG AND REPLACE THE SOUND FOLDER WITH MY SOUND FOLDER INTO YOUR DARK SOULS 2 DIRECTORY FOLDER. (this music is reviewed, and this music replacement has epic-like tracks. if that is not for you, do not download)

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i been working on my first Mod ever, and its for Dark Souls 2. While Dark Souls 1 will always be my favorite and DS3 my 2nd, i always had ds2
last. recently decided to fix the game with mods to re-balance the
enemies and bosses, as well as UI mods and graphic visual mods with the
help of IGP11, to give it a fresh new look of what i personally think
the visuals and UI should've been, before the downgrade (i heard
consoles at the time couldn't handle the game well) we ended up getting.
i just wasn't as fan, and the Sound Track, out of the entire Soulsborne
series, ds2 has the laziest and dullest, and low sounding, and short
loop for some bosses, music. so i been working with DSSI to replace the
music for the bosses in the game (still work in progress, lots of boss
rooms to go) to what i personally think is a bit better. i tried to stay
within the tone of the boss and area a bit, and i used audacity to cut,
clip. merge and blend the music, so it doesn't sound like a song on
Obvious repeat, and just keeps the player invested, at least i hope. i
also changed the start press sound effect, and the main menu music. the
"you died" sound effect was replaced with Bloodbornes "you died" i used
audacity to remake the Victory Achieved sound effect, and i want to do
many more effects. I'd love the feed back and would be open to tone
suggestions for other bosses. i know ive taken too long to upload this, and even get this far, but im just a single person with really bad depression, and this helps but other times, i just lose motivation or it all just gets to me. so im always on and off, but i do plan to fully finish this. i will update and update every chance. base game is almost done. i still need to progress from drangliec forward to continue, and im not skipping or glitching or speed running, im doing a regular playthrough until i get to each area/boss, in order to test and work with the audio. please please, leave your feed back, and i hope you enjoy what i have so far. im still looking for files that have to do with the actual sword clashing and spell casting, no luck yet but i know they have to be here somewhere. If you do enjoy it, please endorse. IM ALSO UNSURE IF THIS MOD CAN RESULT IN A BAN OR SOFT BAN SO PLEASE DO NOT PLAY ONLINE USING THIS MOD. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR BANNED ACCOUNTS. PLAY ONLINE WITH THIS MOD AT YOUR OWN RISK. (also majulas track was a placeholder, its will be replaced.)