Dark Souls 2
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little changes to suit my playstyle weighted for exploration instead of dying

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Idea behind this mod is to make SotfS more exploration oriented, or more RPG-is, and i have tried to fix issues which I felt most disturbing during gameplay. 

extract content into your game folder
  • something_something\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game\
run the game, if its ok, it should force offline mode (ban protection)

Known bugs 
  • autojump - if you have dodge/run and jump as same key, for some reasone it jumps instead of sprinting, whathever i do, i cannot find why. for now either use initial control (LS for jump), or have fun. It took me allready over 3 hours without any idea what is going on.

  • that are new, rest is in changs article file :)
  • check changelog please, its easier to track changes there

  1. played around with spells, low level and support spells have more uses, hi-level spells require less slots
  2. shaded woods - finaly less anoying fog, you can se at least to next tree :)

  • Ranged - find out how to change animations.
  • items - find out how to change second half of animation time
  • Magic - i have not played magic extensively, but it feels lacking in terms of usability and required investment. Especially support spells, will propably increase uses of support spells and endgame spells a little. At the moment lots of support spells are useless because i can use items to do the same without thinking about uses and attunement slot

MAAAYYYBEEEEE if I find out how mapEditor works, i will try to change at least bonfires, I prefer (and it fits this mod) to have boss battle as alone encounter without running 2 hour from bonifre to fog wall.

MAAAYYYBEEEE bleed and poison or other effects/scripts, but for that i need to learn evemd editor, and there is so little resources that i do not see it possible.

aaaand mandatory Creditz :)

AoiYozora for helping me by answering my questions
TKGP for creating Yapped and UXM and Yabber
also guys on THIS discord (especialy StaydMcButtermuffin for repositories links)
also Katalash for mod engine

PS: this is my first uploaded mod, so if i did something wrong, or i am missing something, just let me know