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An overhaul mod for DS2 SOTFS that adds an entirely new experience to your next playthrough. This mod will rebalance the game mechanics and difficulty, as well as decorate and fill in objects in areas that feel a little empty.

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Dark Souls II: Tales of Drangleic
About This Mod:
Prepare yourself for a new Dark Souls II experience as the mod aims to add a little bit life into Drangleic, as well as make the game feel a little more like Dark Souls and Dark Souls III.  Edit: this part got quite a few people mad so I'm just going to cross it out.

December 25th 2020: Note from author
"After an overwhelming 100 endorsements and a total of more than 3000 downloads, I am proud to say that this has been one of my greatest achievements thus far. With the last update release of my mod, I would like to end this on a good note and say that this is the final release. Unless there are any major bugs or crashes that need to be fixed, this will be the final update to the game. I would like to move on to new things, try different things, and I want to try to achieve my dreams. It was really fun watching all of Prod's videos/streams and I'm glad he finished it. I'll be looking forward to trying new mods from this community and I am definitely hyped for Stayed's new mod. I really love Dark Souls II and possibly my favorite game of all time, with this mod and all these months of effort, I hope I can give a little back to this community. Also Merry Christmas!"

• Almost all the areas in base game aside from the Lost Bastille can be backtracked to Majula.
• A majority bosses have been rebalanced in difficulty as well as change in speed. (Covetous
  Demon, Old Dragonslayer, and Last Giant are no jokes anymore.)
• Areas have been rebalanced, such as upped in difficulty and nerfed in difficulty such as the
  Shrine of Amana. This makes some run-ups to bosses less stressful.
• Some changes for some enemy placement.
• Some level redesign changes, with some area reroutes.
• A lot of Areas that needed decorating will make the game feel more lived in. (DLCs included)
• Increased Estus maximum capacity to 20, but can only acquire 15-16 in NG, and can acquire
  Estus cap in NG+. Estus speed has changed a little, making the animation slightly faster.
• Some items and descriptions have been renamed. (Still lore friendly)
• Some bosses have been renamed, such as Old Dragonslayer >> Old Dragonslayer Ornstein.
• A huge increase in all Weapon and Shield durability.
• Majula has some NPCs rearranged to make them feel a bit more lively.
• Minor changes in item placement
• Completely overhauled starting Classes and some starting items.
• Stamina in rolls have been slightly reduced, max repeating rolls can go up to 8 (99 end+third dragon ring) while minimum at 3 (base) rolls.
• A couple of bonfire rearrangements have been made in a few areas.
• Modified Starting classes and some starting gifts to make things more interesting.

How to install and uninstall:
• Extract all files into your Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin game folder. (The "TalesOfDrangleic" folder, the modengine file, and dinput8.dll file all go into the game directory.)
• To uninstall, just remove the contents that were in the folder. (Delete "TalesOfDrangleic" folder, modengine, and dinput8.dll)

• TKGP for Yapped, Yabber, and UXM
• Katalash for DSMapStudio and Mod Engine

Notes from the author:
If you like the mod, be sure to endorse and share it with all of your friends. I really had a lot of fun making this mod. I decided to work on Dark Souls II because I love this game so much and felt like this game was so under appreciated compared to DS1 and DS3. 

Big thanks to, Prod,  3DsalmonThe_Gawblin, ZillaGaming_, 虚木ポリ,  Ginosmile , Minkitink , naxza,  LecplejBatky, and Franky_Tuicc for sticking around and playing my mod.

Q: Will I get banned for playing this mod?
A: By default, I don't believe you will since the mod will force you offline. I'm not completely sure
if you ever decide to uninstall the mod and reload your modded character. To be safe, back up
your save files, or play on another family shared steam account.

Q: Can I play with my friends?
A: Yes, you can. You just have to edit the ModEngine files to do so, I will put the ini files in the
downloads as well. But at the same time, you risk getting soft-banned, so play on another family
shared steam account, or if you are already banned you can play with your friends who are also