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This is a series of armor pieces and weapons that have been modified to have a Knights Templar aesthetic.

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Four armor sets, three weapons, and three shields have been redesigned to resemble the Knights Templar of old. iGP11 is required. Here is a breakdown of the armor replacements.

Templar Foot Soldier
 - Cale's Helm
 - Insolent Armor
 - Chainmail Gloves
 - Chainmail Leggings
The chainmail gloves and leggings have been darkened to match Cale's helm. The leggings actually match their default inventory icon!

Templar Chevalier
 - Heide Knight Chainmail
The Heide Knight's cloak is now dual tone white and black with a red cross in the center. The rest of the Heidi Knight armor set works well, or this chest piece can be used with other pieces.

Templar Sentry
 - Archdrake Helm
 - Throne Defender Armor 
 - Throne Defender Gauntlets
 - Throne Defender Leggings
The Throne Defender set has been changed from it's default dark brown look to light grey. The Archdrake Helm was brightened to match the rest of the set.

Templar Grand Commander
 - Targray's Helm
 - Targray's Armor
 - Targray's Manifers
 - Targray's Leggings
Targray's set now has brighter silver linings with a darker background, as well as ruby/red inserts.

Weapon Replacements
 - Mace
 - Mastodon Greatsword
 - Mastodon Halberd
The mace was recolored to a lighter grey with a red Templar cross, as well as a marble shaft. The Mastodon weapons are now silver with ruby inserts. 

Shield Replacements
 - Drangleic Shield
 - Royal Kite Shield
 - Watchdragon Parma
Each shield has been redesigned to have its own distinct look.

1. Install iGP11 if you haven't already. You can download it from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/28/. It's on the DS3 nexus but it works for DS2. Here's a youtube tutorial if you've never used iGP11 before - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vSEaOgUiX4

2. Once iGP11 is installed, extract the files from this rar archive to your iGP11 tex_override directory. That directory path should be:  \Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game\iGP11\tex_override.

3. Run the game through iGP11.