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(RU)Если вы смотрели прохождение Dark Souls 2 от Рекви, то наверное помните как он вставлял другую музыку почти при каждой битве с боссом.

(ENG) This mod contains music which was used in Rekvi's Dark Souls 2 videos. I"ll leave a link.

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Этот мод содержит большинство музыкальных тем, использованных в видео Реквизита (но пока не все). 
У этого мода только одна проблема на данный момент- это тема Последнего Гиганта, оригинал, который был использован слишком короткий и он может повторяться пару раз за бой.
Если у вас есть недостающие исходники, то оставьте пожалуйста их в комментариях, я добавлю их в скором времени.
Список измененной музыки смотрите ниже. 


This mod contains most music themes, used in Rekvi's videos (but not all yet).
This mod has only one problem at the moment- it's Last Giant's theme due to original's short song length. It may repeat 2 or 3 times during fight.
If you have missed songs, please leave them in the comments section, I'll add them in short amount of time.
Here is the list of used music and link to playlist with playthrough:

Link to playlist/Ссылка на плейлист  click me

Last Giant- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhK-YfNyrR8
The Pursuer- The Bomb-Pigeon John
Dragon Rider- Trebles(Mix Edit)-Mbrother
Flexile Sentry- Pirates of Caribbean (GFM Trap remix)- Goblins From Mars
Ruin Sentinels- Sweet Soul Brother- Hideki Naganuma
Lost Sinner- Something Memorable (Furi OST)-Kn1ght
Bell Gargoyles- Soma- Mewone
Executioner's Chariot- Let's get down tonight (Disco Mix)- Martello
Skeleton Kings- Signs of the weak-Deatkite
Covetous Demon- Dueling Fates
Mytha, the Baneful Queen- Rebel Soul- Katarine Appletone
Smelter Demon- Splendid Cradle- Eclyptika
Old Iron King- Metal Forever- Hellish War
Scorpioness Najka- Late Night Lady- Sebastian Forslund
Royal Rat Vanguard- Get Back In The Game- Clandestyne
Prowling Magus- Holy Bible- HB
Duke's Dear Freja- Honor At Last- Hector Posser
Looking Glass Knight- Skilled In The Arts- Yi Nantiro
Pepe Demon of Song- Night Landing- Cobby Costa
Velstadt, the Royal Aegis- Flight To Olympus
Throne Watcher & Defender- All Star (Holder Trap Remix)
Guardoan Dragon- Dragon Call- Deskant
Nashandra- The End Of All Things- Niclas Johansson
Darklurker- The Pit Of Doom- Sightless In Shadow
Blue Smelter Demon- Army of Angels- Edgar Hopp
Rotten- Good Night Good Luck- Amber ft. MewOne
Elana- Shard Path- Jon Bjork
Graverobber, Varg & Cerah-Ticking Time Bomb- Mike Franklyn
Burnt Ivory King- Goliath
Aldia-The End Of All Things- Niclas Johansson
Ancient Dragon- My Only Chance- The Toxic Avenger

Needless to say, I have no rights to any of this tracks.


Just drop all the files to  \steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game\sound
Переместите файли из папки в  \steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game\sound


-Ruin Sentinels fixed music (used wrong song, oopsie daisy)
-added new tracks
-fixed weird music locations and not right tracks.