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Simple proxy .dll meant to fix the infamous "Disable double click" setting not taking effect after game restart and streamline windowed borderless mode.

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The usual "this may get You banned" (but most likely will not) clause still applies - as with any mod, You use it at Your own risk. If You want to take my word for it then I've been using this mod since December and didn't get softbanned.

Mod was based and tested on the Scholar Of The First Sin version - i cannot guarantee whether it'll work for the base game (most likely it won't, it may even cause crashes and/or unexpected behavior)

This mod is a simple Quality Of Life hands free fix for issue with "Disable double click" setting not applying after rebooting the game and automated windowed borderless setup.

The fix part works by force-setting specific value in memory that game actually reads as the setting being on/off (regardless of value you have in your save file / settings menu), it means that with fix installed this setting cannot be disabled.

Borderless part simply force scales the window to be same as your desktop resolution and removes the border. It doesn't seem to be possible to utilize this for SSAA as the game automatically adjusts render resolution to be same as window resolution so downscaling/upscaling won't work. I would also recommend setting the game to windowed mode before installing this mod.
Since version 1.2 to enable borderless functionality, You need to launch the game with -borderless startup parameter.

Installation is straightforward: extract dinput8.dll file to steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game and run the game, as simple as that.
To uninstall simply remove the dinput8.dll file.