Dark Souls 2
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Restores leftover developer messages in 12 maps.

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Apparently while making DS2 the developers left notes for each other in the maps themselves. The signs were removed from the map layouts but the models were left in for 12 of them, so existing models can be replaced in order to see them in-game. DS2 and SotFS are both supported, but the SotFS version has some graphical issues due to changes in the model format, so I recommend viewing in DS2 if you have it.

To install, you must first unpack and patch your game with UXM. Afterwards, just copy the appropriate map folder for your game version over the unpacked map folder and overwrite.

To uninstall, delete the map folder and run another unpack in UXM to reacquire the files.

Big thanks to Dropoff for discovering the signs in the first place and documenting which maps have them.

Maps with signs
  • The Lost Bastille
  • Harvest Valley/Earthen Peak
  • No-man's Wharf
  • Iron Keep
  • Huntsman's Copse
  • The Gutter/Black Gulch
  • Heide's Tower of Flame
  • Grave of Saints
  • Shrine of Amana
  • Drangleic Castle
  • Undead Crypt
  • Dark Chasm of Old