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New version of Jgwman's Item Location Randomizer. Now with new features like key randomization and cheat lists.

Permissions and credits
Item Randomizer REMIX is a mod that places almost all items of the game to new random locations. This is a remake of the older version by Jgwman and it adds these new features:

  • Option to randomize keys. Specific algorithm places all keys to locations that are reachable and ensures there's no soft locks.
  • Option to randomize Estus Flask, Dull Ember and White sign Soapstone. For the first two you can also chose between easier locations or any locations.
  • Option to cross-randomize between World locations and enemy drops. Both of these are always randomized but you can choose if they are randomized separately or together as one item pool.
  • Hint list and cheat list for key items.
  • Cheat list for world locations.

Which items are not randomized?
  • Shop inventories (I don't know how to do this. If you do, I'm interested to learn!)
  • Server items (covenant loot) remain in their original locations but covenant joining items and ranking prizes are randomized.
  • Normal npc-invader drop (human effigy)
  • Gestures
  • Seed of a Tree of Giants and Petrified Egg (these two have a physical appearance which causes weird things when placed somewhere else.)
  • Prizes for playing the game certain way (like without resting at a bonfire)

What is counted as a World location?
Normal corpses and chests found in the world, Boss drops, covenant joining items and ranking prizes, gifts from npcs and some special enemy drops (like ashen idols and the skeleton dragon of Aldia's keep). All the rest are enemy drops (including mimics, crystal lizards and most pursuers)

What are counted as keys or key items?
"Keys" are all the uniqe items that work as keys (open a door or an area) for example Soldier Key, Frozen Flower or Ashen Mist Heart. You can chose whether you want to randomize these or not. "Key items" include also Estus Flask, Dull Ember, White Sign Soapstone, Souls of a Giant, Smelter Wedges,  fragrant branches, Pharros' Lockstones, Sublime Bone Dusts and Estus Flask Shards. Mod generates a hint list and a cheat list for all the key items, so If you are lost, check first the "Key Items Hints.txt" file and if that is not enough, then "Key Items Cheats.txt" file. 

I can't find this one key! Where can the keys actually go?
Key items can not go to any place that might be lost (like wooden chests or npc gifts) or any place that is dependent of covenants or NG+. Also keys can not be placed so that they create a soft lock (key behind a door that it itself opens for example). But of course keys can still be in quite sinister places (or really easy places, you never know...)

Anything else I should know?
  • Licia of Lindeldt can always turn the rotunda, but if you randomize keys, she will not drop Rotunda Lockstone upon death (it will be somewhere else in the world). So, if you want more difficulty, randomize keys, kill her and try to find the lockstone by yourself.
  • Fragrant branches are always randomized, but the mod places them so, that there can not be a situation where you can not unpetrify Rosabeth.
  • If you have randomized the estus flask and then find estus Shard before the flask, don't try to upgrade the flask by giving the shard to Emerald Herald. She will take the shard, but you'll just lose it and you still won't have the flask. Just save the shards until you find the flask itself.

How to use

Download the *.zip from the "Files" section of this page. If you do not have Cheat Engine, get it here.

Make sure to extract the table from the *.zip before using, so the table can automatically save your settings and cheat lists. The directory to which you save the table doesn't matter; anywhere you can quickly access it is fine.

Launch Cheat engine and DkS2: SotFS (either order). Open the *.ct (Cheat Table) file and attach SotFS to cheat engine. Now check the box by "Item Randomizer REMIX 2.0" and you will see all the other options. Check the box by "Information" for additional instructions.

You will have to launch the table each time you want to use the randomized loot. "Load Last Settings" allows you to load the last automatically saved settings from the "Item Randomizer Settings.txt" file in the same directory as the table. "Item Randomizer Settings.txt" file also contains last used seed. If you don't select "Load Last Settings" and then randomize, new seed will be generated, so I recommend to manually backing up the settings file.