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About this mod

My vision of Scholar of the First Sin melee combat - faster, more intense and challenging. Various tweaks. Only for STEAM offline mode!

Permissions and credits
Gameplay video - how it looks like?:

All bosses beaten:

Required software:

Cheat engine (best to be latest one)


AutoHotkey not necessary but will make Your life easier...

How to run it?

Method 1 (if installed AutoHotkey)

1. Create shortcut to _DKS2.ahk file, put it anywhere You want,
2. Launch it,
3. When You are in game world (after creating/loading save), press "V" button,
4. Game will automatically minimize, .ct file will be launched, mod applied, done,
5. Go back to game,

Method 2 (if not installed AutoHotkey)
1. When You are in game world (after creating/loading save), minimize it (alt+tab etc.),
2. Launch _DKS2.ct file,
3. Go back to game,

About agility, to get 120 agility (max) I've created hotkeys.

"A" keyboard key to set 99 ADP/ATT
"D" keyboard key to set 1 ADP/ATT

Why hotkeys? Everything explained bellow, in description...


Finally, I've somehow made Dark Souls 2 enjoyable for me.

After finishing it and beating all bosses on ng+0 I must say that was something special.
I think that feels even better than Dark Souls 1 Adrenaline Mode. And it's harder.
Especially some insane bosses (Raime, Allone, Blue Fucking Smelter for example).
I will definetely replay whole game again with different weapons.

Mod for pure melee characters.

Enemies x2.3 faster
Player about x1.6 faster than in vanilla game
Walk/run speed, roll distance, jump height changed separately

Only for latest Scholar of the First Sin edition
Recommended STEAM offline mode to avoid getting banned
Required 120 (max) agility in game

Recommended ng+0, I've shown non-boss encounters on this video from post-game ng+1/+2
but clear start ng+0 is the best - on ng+1 and more, boss stats would be brutal too much, at least for me...

I've included 120 agility cheat "workaround" in provided Cheat Table - I wasn't able to directly edit agility attribute,
so I've just simply made a hotkeys to adaptility and attunement stats... Sadly, Dark Souls 2 is somehow "protected"
from cheating stats, so it automatically sets up Your overall Soul Level accordingly to which stats You have.
For example, You couldn't have Soul Level 1 with hacked 99 Strenght for example.

So, the "workaround" hotkeys are:
"A" keyboard key to set 99 ADP/ATT
"D" keyboard key to set 1 ADP/ATT

The agility and soul level protection takes changes only after we die/warp/homeward etc. Just after loading screen. So....

So, while we are exploring Lordran (okay Drangleic, it's how it's called now) we roam with 99 ADP/ATT = 120 Agility.
Before we warp to Majula for level up our character, we press "D" hotkey, and after we warp to hub we have normalized Soul Level.
If we want return to exploring and fighting, we press "A" hotkey before warping outside Majula. Simple.
Eventually if we want some action in Majula after leveling up, press "A" hotkey and use Homeward item/spell, die or just reload save.
Your agility change will take effect.

I don't care about Attunement Slots since mod is aimed for pure melee characters.

Other cheats I've used in my run (mostly to get rid of not enjoyable restrictions for me just - I want have fun from game, not frustration):

* No hollowing on death
* No equipment durability damage
* Max Estus amount (not upgrade) - just after finding the first Estus Shard I've multiplied its quanity to 12
and got max amount of it,
* Improved Lock-On Cheat (increased range of it)

Lock-on, durability and hollowing cheat are automatically enabled in my modified Cheat Table.

Cheat Table is not made by me. I've just wrote simple Lua script which set ups and activate chosen by me values/scripts automatically.

Original Cheat Table thread:

Have fun. And prepare to die. A lot.