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Want something a little different for your next DkS2 run? Inspired by HotPocketRemix's DkS1 mod, this is a lore-unfriendly mod that moves nearly all the loot in the game around randomly.

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Item Location Randomizer for SotFS

by Jgwman

Check out jklm84's REMIX version

How about we do a F.A.Q?

Q. What does this mod do?

A. Nearly every piece of loot is moved to a random location from the list of loot locations, allowing for your Dark Souls 2 run to be like Forrest Gump's theoretical box of chocolates.

Q. "Nearly" every piece of loot? How can you move "nearly" every piece of loot?

A. As of version 1.0.8, the Estus Flask, White Sign Soapstone, Dull Ember, Giant's Kinship, Ashen Mist Heart, King's Ring, Eye of the Priestess, along with all keys (except for Key to the Embedded) and server items (covenant loot) are unrandomized, to ensure that the run, including DLC, is possible to complete. Other than those exceptions, all "pickup" loot and drops can be changed. Note that with how DkS2's files are organized differently from DkS1, there is no easy (non manual) way to distinguish between pickups and drops - this means that any item that is randomized could be a random drop, and any random drop (including those found in many loot tables - such as Syan's Set) can be found as pickups one time per entry in a loot table.

Q. Does this mod also change merchant inventories? Does it randomize bosses? Does it pet my dog?

A. Currently, it does none of those things (though as of 1.0.6, Melentia sells an additional Fragrant Branch of Yore). Feel free to request features you feel would improve the mod by either commenting on this post, or messaging me on Reddit.

Q. Yo, how about randomizing mimics though?

A. I looked into doing so, and it simply requires too many interactions between too many different game files (and would also likely require an archive overwrite, rather than being a quick CE mod which is easy to toggle on/off). Sorry!

Q. I heard this mod uses Cheat Engine. Will FromSoft flag me as a dirty cheater?

A. No. The mod only modifies in-memory loot data that has no effect on your save file, and thus cannot get you softbanned. If you are concerned regardless, which I don't blame you for, consider using the mod on a family-shared Steam account.

Q. Can I use seeds from version 1.0.x with version 1.0.x+1?

A. No! Well, yeah, you can use the seed number, but you'll need to start a new run, as the loot tables will have been changed.

Usage Instructions

Download the *.zip from the "Files" section of this page. If you do not have Cheat Engine, get it here.

Make sure to extract the table from the *.zip before using, so the table can automatically save your generated seeds. The directory to which you save the table doesn't matter; anywhere you can quickly access it is fine.

Open the *.ct (Cheat Table) file, and launch DkS2: SotFS (either order). From there, it should be self-explanatory. Check the box by "Information" in the Cheat Table for additional instructions.

You will have to launch the table each time you want to use the randomized loot. "Load Last Seed" allows you to load the last automatically saved seed from the "Item Randomizer Seed.txt" file in the same directory as the table. If you input a seed manually (i.e. don't use "Generate New Seed"), you will need to manually save the seed value for continuing the same run at a later time.