Dark Souls 2
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Simply converted mod pack from GeDoSaTo to IGP11 for Scholar of First Sin.

Permissions and credits

Simply converted mod pack from GeDoSaTo to IGP11 for Scholar of First Sin.
If you like these mods, please Endorse the original authors.

A big thanks to Ring127 for the sky boxes conversion!


1. Download iGP 11 and make sure you have acomplished to add this mod first.
2. Here's a quick tutorial, it's for DS3 but it's almost the same.
3. Download file that you need.
4. Put the content inside of your \DARK SOULS II - Scholar of the First Sin\Game\tex_override folder or either folder you chose at iGP11.
5. Launch iGP 11 as admin, then choose the override mode (the icon surely will move itself to your hidden icons in your windows bar).

Original mods pages (readme, screenshots, credits, etc):

Alva Reborn
by EvilDeadAsh34 
Royal Elite Knight Set by EvilDeadAsh34
Artorias Set by Rizaun + Artorias Equipment Icons by Sanadsk
Scorpion by cerberus071984
Vibrant Alonne Armour by Marcus Kirk (Alonne's Helm Retex)
Repaired Insolent Armor by EvilDeadAsh34
Ornate Robes of Judgement by SonofRobin
Ultimate Knight Set by EvilDeadAsh34 
Shadow Top Scarf Variations by Krump0
Velexia's Black is the New Yellow by Velexia
Alonne Captain and Knight set recolors Black Steel Silver or Gold by mohonay
Restored Alonne Knight Set by Sanadsk
Rust Alonne Set by ToadR
Vibrant Alonne Armour by Camo_Ninja
AMS001- Black Dragon Armor I by darkraven danick
AMS002- Black Dragon Armor II by darkraven danick
Bloodstained Drake - DLC Drakeblood armor by Marcus Kirk
Drakeblood armor Recolor by Talaricoan
WhiteDrake _ GreenDrake - DLC Drakeblood by Marcus Kirk
Black Havel Set by MochikunDS 
Mossy Havel Armor resp STONED or BLACK by MelekTaus
Artorias plague And Crimson Heide Set by Marcus Kirk 
Copper Great Helm by Jake Salt
Dark Crusader Heide Armor by cuchacoo
Death Jolly by cerberus071984
The Jester Skellington (Skeletron) Set - The Nightmare Before Christmas by vj88
Mad Predators Warrior Set (Mad Warrior) by vj88
Mad Predators Mask (Mad Warrior) by vj88
Predator Mask for Mad warrior by ronin4444
Manikin Chatterer Cenobite Mask by Rizaun 
Ebony Manikin Mask by cerberus071984
Pre-release inspired porcelain mask by Zomerak
WAS's Silver Mannequin Mask by WASasquatch
White Worn Manikin Mask by cerberus071984 
Drangleic mercenary by Notoro
Black Witch Set (Green and Bluish Teal Recolors) by Byzantine Sin
AMS004 - Dusk Faraam Set by darkraven silversmith
Faraam Armor Set Recolor by Magnanimousmudd
Ultimate Faraam Set by EvilDeadAsh34
Vanilla Faraam Set Without Fur by Iskonfekt
Black Fume Sorcerer by Hellsing4682
Fume Hollow Mask by EvilDeadAsh34
Fume Manikin Mask by EvilDeadAsh34
Shattered Porcelain Fume Sorcerer Mask by Hellsing4682
The True Ivory King by Sanadsk
Leydia White Robes Recolored by SonofRobin
Armored Llewellyn armor by Notoro
Battle Heated Raime Fume Set by BonusJZ
Raime armor by Notoro 
Silver Restored Raime set by Jake Salt
Corrupt Saints Set by EvilDeadAsh34 
Saints Set - Kurosaki Ichigo Bankai Form 2 Recolor by EvilDeadAsh34
Steel Syan knight by Notoro 

New in v1.3:

Agony-Skin-Set by cerberus071984
Darkseeker Set by cerberus071984
Medicus abyssalis by cerberus071984
Red Death Set v1.1 by cerberus071984 
Red rust knight by Notoro
Roman Legionary by NathieSk 
Sandor Clegane The Hound armor by Rizaun
Scar Vengarl Armor Winter is coming by Marcus Kirk
THE BLACK KNIGHT by cerberus071984
Totentanz Set by cerberus071984 
Victorian Beasthunter by cerberus071984 
Old Style Manikin Mask for Dragon Acolyte Mask by AnonymousBastard
Drakeblood Armor Edit - Fluted Armor by Shedrakzo
Hexers Hood Re-colour by AoEclipse
Velexia's Cool People Wear Black and Red and Don't Afraid of Anything by Velexia 
Royal Soldier Hexer's Hood by Drusklo 
Vengarls Helm Desaturated by kidikarus 

SHD003_Ebony Blossom Kite Shield
by darkraven Silversmith
SHD004- Ebony Drangleic Shield by darkraven Silversmith
SHD001- Ebony Hollow Soldier Shield by darkraven Silversmith 
Large Leather Shield Retexture by FaLKReN (Metal Dark Leather Shield)
Elite Royal Kite Shield by EvilDeadAsh34 
Silver Knight Royal Kite Shield by zorrodood
Small Leather Shield Retex - Brown and Grey by Spr1t3 
Dore's Shields (Watchdragon Shield) by Pluche
Ruin Sentinel Shield (Old Knight's Shield) by Jake Salt 

New in v1.3:

Defender Shield by LP
Dragonrider Greatshield Retexture by Dragonyck 
Dragonrider Greatshield Turtle Shell Retexture by Lando
Ebony Drakekeepers Greatshield by HesterDW 
Lordaeron Honor Guard's Greatshield by Themurloc 
Grym Greatshield Texture Fix by ObsidianStag
King's shield retex with Syan's Pattern by Themurloc 
King's shield Retexture by toommaattoo
Large Leather Shield from DS1 shields pack
Death Cherubs Manikin Shield by Cerberus071984 
Darkseeker's heavy gear by cerberus071984 (Pate's Greatshield)
Dore's Shields by Pluche (Pate's Shield) 
Royal Kite Shield from DS1 shields pack (in 2 versions)
Darkseeker's Shield by cerberus071984 
Sunlight Parma Retex by ToadR
Ultimate Sunlight Parma by EvilDeadAsh34 
Target Shield from DS1 shields pack
Target Shield Retex by JohnnyCrash 
Eagle Shield Reborn by Zel

New in v1.3:

Blue lightning by Lashk (+ Red version)
Aesthetically Viable Ranged Combat by Nicklaus725
Quiver Texture Correction by michelangelocz
Harvest Valley Skybox Remix by EvilDeadAsh34 (converted by Ring127)
Heide's Tower of Flame Skybox Remix by EvilDeadAsh34 (converted by Ring127)
Huntsman's Copse Skybox Remix by EvilDeadAsh34 (converted by Ring127)
Sunlight Blade DaS1 inspired effect by Themurloc (+ Blue and Red versions)
Tabby Shalquoir HD by ToadR 

Berserker Blade
 by EvilDeadAsh34
Black Knight-Pursuer's ultra greatsword by Themurloc
Black Knight-Pursuer's ultra greatsword EDITED by seb5421
Blue Moon Greatsword Recolors by EvilDeadAsh34
Elite Bastard Sword by EvilDeadAsh34 
Elite Broadsword by EvilDeadAsh34 
Elite Claymore by EvilDeadAsh34
Elite Zweihander by EvilDeadAsh34
Elite Longsword by EvilDeadAsh34
Elite Short Sword by EvilDeadAsh34
Crested Estoc by cerberus071984 
Dragonslayer and Refinished Greatswords by EvilDeadAsh34
Darkseeker's Blade by cerberus071984
Ultimate Heide Knight Sword by EvilDeadAsh34 
Dragon Uchigatana by EvilDeadAsh34 
Puzzling Lazer Sword by EvilDeadAsh34
Yorg's Spear by xnapalmus 
Ruin Sentinel  Hammer (Archdrake Mace) by Jake Salt 
Majestic Greatsword of Artorias by EvilDeadAsh34 
Ultimate Greatsword of Artorias - DS2 Edition by EvilDeadAsh34 
Ultimate Sun Sword by EvilDeadAsh34 
WEP001- Majestic Abyssal Greatsword by darkraven Silversmith
WEP003- Black Dragon Halberd by darkraven Silversmith
WEP007- Royal DragonSlayer Spear by darkraven Silversmith
WEP009- Caesar Caestus by darkraven Silversmith
WEP010- Royal Manikin Knife by darkraven Silversmith
WEP011- Dragon Bone Fist by darkraven Silversmith
WEP015- Blizzard Rapier by darkraven silversmith
Blacksteel Katana by EvilDeadAsh34 
WEP008- Celestal Blue Flame by darkraven Silversmith
Infernal Nil Greatsword 1.1 by cerberus071984
Cryptkeeper Sword by Jake Salt 
Drakekeepersword new Version by Greggstar
Bloodspike Grand Lance by cerberus071984 
Manslayer by EvilDeadAsh34 
Magnificent Murakumo by LP 
Murakumo Retex by toommaattoo 
WEP016 - Blaze Possessed Armor Sword by darkraven silversmith
darkseeker's heavy gear by cerberus071984 (Red Iron TwinBlade only)
WEP002- Dark Knight's Red Iron Twinblade by darkraven Silversmith
WEP012- Rune Red Rust Swords by Darkraven Silversmith 
Misericordia by cerberus071984
WEP006- Blaze Smelter Sword by darkraven Silversmith 

New in v1.3:

WEP006X- Aged Blaze Smelter Sword by Darkraven Silversmith
Darker Bow of Want by cerberus071984
Butcher's Knife by EvilDeadAsh34 
Deaths Head and Enhanced Defender Greatsword by EvilDeadAsh34
Gold Crested Dragonrider Twinblade by cerberus071984
Battle Heated Fume Ultra Greatsword by BonusJZ 
Blue Fume greatsword by Shadeclaz
Widow's Silk - Custom Spider's Silk Texture by Xvacta