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Random fixes for Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (x64, WIP)

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Random fixes for Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (WIP)

You can read a more detailed description (and the source code) on its Github repo

How to use

  1. download
  2. unpack the files (not the folder) in \Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game (in your Steam installation directory)
  3. play the game

Can I get (soft)banned for using this?

Read this, and this.

Yes, you will get softbanned. No, you won't get softbanned. Get it? Softbans are handled manually by a team of people. They will or will not flag you depending on a bunch of reasons and/or mods.

This was stated in a softban confirmation email from BAMCO:
On the DS2fix: The ds2fix was not an officially released FROMSOFTWARE file/mod and as such they are well within their rights to restrict any players using it. We're not really sure of the exact reasons as to why FROMSOFTWARE decides certain mods are violations of the EULA while others appear to go unnoticed (but these will most likely still lead to restrictions once FROM is aware of them) and as such we strongly recommend to our end users that they simply not use any mods, hacks, or external files with the game (since they will all be a "try at your own risk of restrictions").

These are some other apps that can cause issues - using x360ce, SweetFX, ReShade, DXTory or the Durazno Dead-zone fix.
So there you have it. You can use DS2Fix64 and be completely fine, or get banned two days later. Or you can avoid using it and get banned regardless because of SweetFX, or X360CE without which your aftermarket gamepad doesn't even work. Shit sucks, I know. But now you do, too (know, not suck).

Take care.

Current fixes

• Durability bug

Dark Souls II would damage your weapons based on your framerate. SotFS will just apply the damage twice regardless. Let's not do that.

• +14 upgraded items crash / save corruption

Dark Souls II handles upgrades to +10 in game — anything above that (via cheeeeety means) could, can and will cause unexpected behaviour. Notably, the +14 upgrade will crash the game upon opening the inventory / equipment menu and will prevent you from dropping the item, effectively condemning that character to deletion. Let's avoid that, shall we.

• Namecrash / assert bug

The old namecrash returns. The game isn't able to properly account for mis-tagged text strings that may or may not be voluntarily introduced into your world (read between the lines...) and will crash to desktop.

Incoming fixes

  • ?

Things I'll be on the lookout for

  • Framerate unlock (>60fps)


  • Everyone in here minus the spambots
  • K. J., F. T., Y. B., Riccardo Finello and O. V. B., who donated the necessary amount to grant me a copy of SotFS. If you want your names to be shown just hit me : )
  • Atvaark
  • Marisa
  • /dsg/, magnificient bastards