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A quick retexture of the Large Leather Shield, to make it go better with the armors in the game.

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The mod was made because I didn't like the original yellow texture and quickly made this darker one. I made it for myself, but decided to share it for like minded individuals. In my opinion it goes much better with the armors in the game. (see screenshots)

The Large Leather Shield is a surprisingly good shield for early game, but it's looks were not to my taste, so I made this slight alteration.

There are three variants, use the one you prefer.

Keep in mind that this is by no means supposed to be a professional retexture, I'm just noob when it comes to this. :)

Requires GeDoSaTo
you can get it here: http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/

Version 1.1
Cavou made a texture for the icon too, which is now included in the main file. Thank you for you work mate ;)

1. Download GeDoSaTo and follow the installation instructions.
2. In the GeDoSaTo directory open the GeDoSaTo.ini and change "enableTextureOverride" to true.
3. Create a folder in the GeDoSaTo directory called "Textures" (if one doesn't already exist).Then within the Textures folder create another folder called "DarkSoulsII" and within the folder create another called "Override". It should look like this ..TexturesDarkSoulsIIOverrirde
4. Take the files in the "override" folder included in this file and extract them into the override folder
5. Run the GeDoSaToTool.exe, click activate and then start up Dark Souls 2

1.Simply delete the mod files from the override folder.

Known Issues:
None that I know of.

Huge thanks to Durante, the creator of GeDoSaTo. Without him, none of this would be possible.

I hope you like it, enjoy!