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Enhances the graphics of the game, simple as that :-)

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My personal ENB config for Dark Souls 2. Trying to keep the brightness and colors like vanilla Dark Souls, and then adding SSAO, bloom, and depth of field. Just enhancing the graphics without doing anything crazy.

ENB is used for bloom, ambient occlusion, and depth of field, and can be turned off with shift-f12
SweetFX is used for anti aliasing, sharpening, a bit of contrast and color boost, and makes midtones brighter to compensate for the darkness created by ENB. SweetFX can be toggled on and off with f10

This config is not super widescreen as the screenshots suggest. I only cropped them to make it look a little more interesting, as there is no tool for making great screenshots yet.

Small video preview. I will make a better video later on, when I get further into the game. But this have to do for now.

1. Copy all the files into the Dark Souls IIGame directory

2. Go to this page http://enbdev.com/download_mod_darksouls2.htm and download v0.257, and then copy over the d3d9.dll file to the same directory, and you should be fine and dandy.

3. Then go to the ingame settings and turn off SSAO, depth of field and antialiasing... Well, that's what I have done and it works :-)

I think you need to play the game with steam offline, if you don't want to get banned. But I'm not 100% sure on this.