Dark Souls 2
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I feel like Dark Souls is what Zelda should've been, so I tried to edit some textures as good as possible to get some Zelda feeling going.

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Sadly, the armor combination is quite chaotic to get it to match.
For the green outfit you need:
- Faraam Armor
- White Leydia Hat

For the red outfit you need:
- Kings Armor
- Wanderer Hat

For the blue outfit you need:
- Black Robe
- Thief Mask

For the black outfit you need:
- Llewellyn Armor
- Black Hood

Master Sworded Weapons:
- Dragonrider Twinblade
- Black Knight Greatsword
- Ruler's Sword

Hyrule Shields:
- Drangleic Shield
- Royal Kite Shield

Majoras Mask Shield:
- Silvereage Kite Shield

Kokiri Shield:
- Great Leathershield

I'll update as I Zelda-Up more clothes/weapons/areas. :)

Textures in action: