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Blood fx enchantment for more satisfying kills and deaths

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Blood enchantment for more satisfying kills and deaths.

Ver.2 brings even 300% more blood , higher quality texture and much more gore customization options
(including  DarkSouls , DarkSouls 2
, BloodBorn splatters).

Just copy all files inside BloodyGoreSouls folder to:



Options installation:
With this version comes also new optional customization options.
There 3 main categories (core, particle and splash) and you can use just one, two or tree of them at once.
Further the splash category have next 4 options - form which you pick your favorite one.
But it not ends there all of them have 3 levels of gore indicated in extension - dds1 > dds2 > dds3
Whats left to do is copy your picks to:
and change theres file extension to .dds ( .dds"x" to .dds  where "x" is gore level number)  
Sound complicated but in practice is really easy - just look at few example sets below to get the idea how it works:

Default                       Example1                 Example2                 Example3                  Example4             Example5
c - lv2               ][       c - lv3               ][      c - lv1               ][      c --------            ][      c - lv3           ][      c - lv1
p - lv2               ][       p - lv2              ][      p ------             ][      p --------            ][     p --------       ][      p - lv2
s - bbA - lv2     ][       s - ds1 - lv1      ][      s - ds2 - lv3     ][      s - bbB - lv1      ][      s --------       ][      s - bbA - lv3

c == core      p == particle        s == splash        lvx == gore dds level      bbA/ds2/etc == splash types
fast installation uses configuration shown in first from the left example set

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