Elite red rust knight by Notoro
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Added: 03/08/2014 - 03:18PM
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Last updated at 10:02, 4 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 15:18, 3 Aug 2014

When the dlc came out I got a hold of the drakeblood armor and fell in love with it but I still wanted to be the red rust knight so here is the new and (maybe) improved Elite red rust knight. I also did a slight retexture of vengarls gloves so that the fur would match.

The armor pieces are: Alva helm, Drakeblood armor, Vengarls gloves and Knight boots.

Now for some shameless self promoting! If you like this armor you just might like my original Red rust knight retexture! And you can mix and match pieces however you want!


(Note: the boots are the same for both sets but I have included them in both so you don't need to get the old set for the boots.)

To Install:
1) Get GeDoSaTo
2) Enable Texture Override in the .ini
3) Drop the images in the Override folder inside GeDoSaTo>textures>DarkSoulsII