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Interface icons for default keyboard and mouse settings, blank template available.

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NOTICE: Not SotFS ready as of yet because the game is in 64-bit DX11. Durante needs to update GeDoSaTo for the new renderer path. Will update the mod as soon as it's possible!

Replaces the default xbox 360 buttons with KBAM(Keyboard & Mouse) icons for non-casual PC gamers that don't got time for controllers! (I kid!)

Requires GeDoSaTo!

1. Download and install the latest version of GeDoSaTo at: http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?page_id=582
2. Extract the files into C:\GeDoSaTo\textures\DarkSoulsII\override (default install directory)
3. Run "GeDoSaToTool.exe" (As administrator)
4. Click "Edit Settings"
5. Click the "U" next to the profile droplist to create a _user.ini (This is important as the default.ini get reset after every update!)
6. Locate "enableTextureOverride false" and change it to "enableTextureOverride true"
6b. Make any other changes in this .ini as you see fit and click "Save" then "Close"
7. Click "Activate" then run Dark Souls 2

Note: For those wondering why mouse pointer is becoming hidden when running GeDoSaToTool.exe, scroll down to "config\DarkSoulsII\GeDoSaTo.ini" in the profile dropdown box. Click the "U" to create a _user.ini (will never reset with updates!) and change "hideMouseCursor true" to "hideMouseCursor false".


Templates now available, all used resources included and free to use.

Please give credit where due.

Cheers PCbros,

Praise The Sun!