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Introduction: http://www.twitch.tv/moondoggie42/c/4705706
MetaCap reveals cheaters in Dark Souls 2 by showing you invader's levels.
MetaCap has functionality that effectively caps your soul memory at a SM appropriate for your Soul Level, if you choose to use it.
MetaCap is designed to essentially balance the playing field for

Permissions and credits
- MetaCap doesn't think "Dark Souls 2" isn't running when it is.  
Solution: Run MetaCap as Administrator.
- Crash when Alt+Tabbing when using Fullscreen mode, specifically with Windows8, I'll look into this as soon as I upgrade to win8 next week.

v1.121 Edit:
- Fixed an issue with showing invasion levels


MetaCap is a tool for Dark Souls 2 that effectively caps your soul memory at a SM appropriate for your Soul Level.

MetaCap helps reveal cheaters in Dark Souls 2 by showing you the level of invader's/hosts.

MetaCap can detect hp cheating / SM cheating by players in DS2.

MetaCap is designed to essentially balance the playing field for players that want to limit themselves to create interesting and diverse builds.

MetaCap is restricted to characters of levels 100 to 175 and only available for characters within that range.

Reported Issues:
Problem: Game Crashes when alt-tabbing (Windows 8 users usually)
Solution: Play in windowed mode and if you want it to be fullscreen-windowed download ShiftWindow (http://grismar.net/shiftwindow/), run ShiftWindow and where it says "Window Title" press "Grab" select "DARK SOULS II" and at the top right press "Trigger it", then enjoy your fullscreen windowed experience.

- Improved Matchmaking via co-op - as long as you and a friend are near each other's levels, you can always co-op together.

Q: How do I use MetaCap?
A: Run "DarkSouls2_MetaCap.exe" with Dark Souls 2 running and everything should be taken care of.

Q: How does MetaCap work?
A: Strictly speaking it's an injected DLL that monitors pointers in the game's process (DarkSoulsII.exe) that point to your current character's soul level/soul memory. With this no game's files are changed at all ever.

Q: Something happened to my character! Can I get my original character back from before when I used MetaCap?
A: MetaCap backs up your character on first run, you will find your original character saved in your saved game directory with the suffix ".MetaCap". That character file will be as if you never ran MetaCap at all.

Q: If I use MetaCap with one character does it affect all of my other characters?
A: No, only the one you had loaded when you ran MetaCap.

Q: When a new patch is released will MetaCap work?
A: MetaCap detects the Dark Souls 2 version automatically and if a different version is detected it will not run to avoid problems that could be encountered with your character.

Q: When I quit MetaCap what happens to my Soul memory?
A: MetaCap will attempt to reset your soul memory to your character's single player soul memory on exiting. If your character's single player soul memory is lower than your current soul memory, then MetaCap will not attempt to restore it, this is caused by taking a character to a new NG+ game, which the game resets your Single Player Soul Memory to 0 (for shrine of winter calculations), once your Single Player Soul Memory is above what MetaCap sets you to for your level, it will resume working.

Q: Can I go to NG++ with MetaCap?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Is shrine of winter affected by MetaCap?
A: Nope, Shrine of Winter uses your single player soul memory only.

Q: Why are there level restrictions? (100-175)
A: To prevent twinks from ruining new players experiences with Dark Souls 2

Q: Will I get VAC banned?
A: Please use the tool at your own risk. VAC is not currently enabled in DS2, that's not to say it won't be at a later date, but it currently is not enabled. I firmly believe the risk of a VAC ban will not be a problem at all for my users, but always proceed with caution. If you're wary of this, I suggest you not use to tool for your own safety.

Q: Can I help out MetaCap in anyway?
A: Suggestions posted on these forums are always welcome. If you'd like to directly support via paypal, you may msg me here and I'll send you my paypal info.