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Ring of the Dead? What's that? You're playing the PC Version for a reason.

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Different from Catloaf's mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls2/mods/1/?

because you will always look totally human during all stages of hollowing.

You will still lose your hair and beard when in the "final stage" of hollowing. Can't be fixed... sorry.

Your eyes will still be completely white when hollowed. Can't be fixed... sorry.

Works for males and females. Gigantic chin not included.

"Normal Version" is for characters who chose the default definition for your character's skin during character creation. "Ripped Version" is for those who chose the toned option.

Corpses and the hollowed enemies will have normal skin... which is super freaking creepy. Can't be fixed.

Download GeDoSaTo.
-Extract the files to "C:User/.../DS2Tool/textures/DarkSoulsII/override/" or whatever is similar on your machine.
-Set "enableTextureOverride" to "true" in GeDoSaTo.ini
-Launch GeDoSaTo.
-Play game.