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Last updated at 21:52, 29 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 14:18, 27 Apr 2014

As everyone else I was massively disappointed with the mask From went with after seeing the initial Dark Souls 2 trailer.

When GeDoSaTo came out I immediately tried to edit a few things and see how it would hold up, unfortunately it doesn't look good at all.

The actual mesh of the Manikin Mask displaces the texture too much and immediately ruins any semblance of a smooth surface, making it pretty much impossible to recreate the trailer mask without replacing the model itself, and as far as I know that is not possible.

So why am I releasing this? Well it took me 20 minutes to do and I figured maybe if it's out here it might inspire skilled people to try things out, that and I wanted to just upload something.

So what's in this file:

1.) 7 Original TGA texture files ripped from Dark Souls 2 using GeDoSaTo
2.) 7 Edited TGA texture files.
3.) 7 Edited PNG texture files.
4.) 4 PSD files of the edited textures.

If you want to try it in the game, you need to get GeDoSaTo and follow these instructions:

1. Put downloaded .PNG files in 'GeDoSaTo/textures/DarkSoulsII/override' folder
2. Set 'enableTextureOverride' to 'true' in GeDoSaTo.ini
3. Run GeDoSaToTool.exe (as an Admin) and then run the game.

Feel free to edit and re-upload anything in this file, just give me credit for trying I guess :P
Now let's hope some kind of mesh replacement tool is possible, or that from releases the original mask as free dlc :P

Special thanks to Durante and From Software for making an awesome tool and an awesome game.

EDIT: I was using the Fleshy Hollows by catloaf mod while taking the screenshots, hence the fleshy look, it's here on the Nexus