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Replaces the Wanderer Coat and Desert Sorceress skirt with Red's outfit from the game Transistor.

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I played Transistor recently, and I was a big fan. My first thought, unoriginal though it probably was, was 'Oh, hey, there are big blue swords in both Dark Souls AND Transistor' and the idea kind of ballooned from there. Initially it was just a black reskin of the wanderer set but soon I decided to go whole hog and make a full mod out of it. This outfit is the first step.

Replaces the Wanderer Coat and Desert Sorceress Skirt.


v2.0 - Massive overhaul:

+ Wanderer Coat entirely retextured.
+ Wanderer Coat bumpmap edited to properly outline the Transistor logo.
+ Remaining pieces of the Wanderer Set removed.
+ PetsForHire's wonderful Desert Sorceress Skirt included.

v1.0 - Initial release.


1. Make sure you already have GeDoSaTo (aka DSFix 2.0) installed. If you're reading this you likely already have it, but if not, you can go to the following link and download it free of charge: [http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/]

2. Once GeDoSaTo is installed, configure it to your liking; there is a line near the bottom of GeDoSaTo.ini that reads 'enableTextureOverride'. To use custom textures, you have to set it to 'true' as it is false by default.

3. In your GeDoSaTo folder there is a path called 'texturesDarkSoulsIIoverride' (if it isn't there, create it yourself). Then drop the files from this download's override folder into GeDoSaTo's.

4. Start GeDoSaTo EVERY TIME you want to run the game. Make sure to activate it or else it won't hook into the Dark Souls II exe and you will not be able to use its features.

After that the textures should be properly installed. If they don't show up in the game, make sure you set 'enableTextureOverride' to true and are running the GeDoSaTo program BEFORE you start Dark Souls II.


1. Delete the files from the 'override' folder and they will be uninstalled.

2. Alternatively, if you wish to keep the textures in your folder but don't want to use them, you can either start the game without GeDoSaTo running or change 'enableTextureOverride' back to false.


- Try making the Transistor. It probably will not go well.
- Figure out something to do with the rest of the Wanderer set. Right now the hood and gloves' textures are not changed since Red does not wear either.


Major props to PetsForHire for his Desert Sorceress Skirt reskin, it inspired the whole overhaul!