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This mod combines many other mods while also having new changes I made that makes Dark Souls 2 more like a traditional Dark Souls game.

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Dark Souls 2 "DS-Like" Overhaul is pretty much all the mods I did along with some others on the community that I received / found / had help in creating / made myself and pretty much makes it more like Dark Souls 1 and 3 mechanically as best as possible, while also fixing some issues to retail Ds2 as well, both lore-wise regarding localization issues, lore plot holes, and the main plot of Ds2 (the lore of Drangleic) and gameplay-wise

Due to the nature of this most recent and last update, you will need to play the mod without voice volume. The reason for this is because EVERY dialogue line in the game was altered to how they are supposed to be according to the original Japanese Script, and along with this, new dialogues lines which talk of events in the mod's lore were added.


Ok, so, what does this mod change specifically? Well, the changes are:

No cinematic borders and bloodshot eyes on cutscenes, thus making them like all other Fromsoftware games

Faster overall movement on both player character and bosses

Except for Undead Steelworker of Earthen Peak/Harvest Valley (reason for such is explained in the new lore the mod introduces to Drangleic), ALL green Hollows in Ds2 were removed and now are Hollows like Ds1 and 3, with some even having the heart-roots added back from Ds1 and 3 (player included)

Agility is MAX from the start, meaning, adaptability is practically removed

Lighting is now darker and torch is more required now thanks to Seeker of Fire 2.0's new lighting of some areas and Player Enhancements' lighting as well, and with the optional reshade files, lighting is now more closer to the E3 version of Ds2, in regards of darkness at least

Bonfire images which contained early versions of areas were changed to reflect the final ingame areas

EVERY weapon has been reworked (thanks to AoiYozora, Seeker of Fire's creator. Seriously, the guy is amazing. When he handed me an early version of his mod, I literally could not play Ds2 without it anymore, it just feels off when I return to vanilla Ds2 SOTFS. Seeker of Fire will be one of the best Ds2 experiences you will ever have, so make sure to check it out after playing DS-Like Overhaul!)

The lore for Drangleic has been rewritten with cut-content used as base for some parts of its rewrites to establish it as a well-fleshed-out kingdom rather than merely an extension of Vendrick's character that is extremely bad. This was done to address the many amounts of plot holes in Drangleic's lore and to serve as an attempt to create a more compelling main plot for Ds2. Also, although this is quite small but of great importance, inspiration was drawn from the new Lords of the Fallen, specifically the lore of the Royal Family of Mournstead, to enhance Vendrick's character and add depth to the narrative.

Some areas were changed in order to make them seem what they actually are / show more clearly what happened in that certain area in order to explain why its in ruins and integrate some chests and empty places into the level (e.g. Forest of Fallen Giants is now infested with the corpses of the northern Tree Giants, Majula has now more houses on the background, making it more like the town it once was, Eleum Loyce now has more filled rooms, Drangleic Castle is now practically an actual castle)

The Lore regarding overall Dark Souls 2 (including the parts of Drangleic lore that remain official) has been made more explicit in order to convey what truly happened after Dark Souls 1 and make more explicit plot points which will later be more explained in Dark Souls 3, along with attempts to fix localization mistakes and make the overall lore more accurate to the original JPN, something I couldn't have done without Lokey Lore's theses on Ds2's lore. (check them out! They are really interesting to read and along with that, Lokey pointed out many flaws regarding the main plot of Ds2, aka Drangleic lore, in his Drangleic thesis). Area names also have been changed to their original japanese names, for example, "Shulva, Sanctum City" is actually "Salva, Capital of the Holy Wall" and "Iron Keep" is "Melted Iron Castle". Some boss names and enemy names have been changed as well to reflect their JPN counterparts, like "Drakekeepers" being originally "Dragon Sentries" and the "Fenito" actually being "Fanito".

Every single dialogue in the game was retranslated to fix localization errors, and along with this, new dialogue lines were added which talk of future areas so that the world feels more connected and also new dialogue lines which mention events that took place in the rewritten lore of Drangleic that the mod introduces have been added. Oh, and some cut dialogue from Nashandra which is extremely important to the lore was restored as well!

This mod also makes bosses which were in the vanilla SOTFS really easy like the Covetous Demon and the Last Giant for example challenging fights.

King Vendrick now drops his crown when his defeat is met and his armour can be looted along with the King's Ring instead of going to Shrine of Amana and loot them there.

The Heide Knight at the Gutter now has the helm model that he drops when he is killed, a variant that was surprisingly cut-content.

Estus is more like Ds1 and 3, you can walk while drinking Estus similar to Ds3, and speed recovery is like both Ds1 and Ds3.

The UI has been altered completely in order to make it more like Ds1/3.

DMG numbers in boss health bars now stack, like they should (couldn't have done that with the help of HalfGrownHollow).

Center Deadzone is now the main Deadzone of Ds2, thus making movement like all other Fromsoft games.

Gravestone System is removed, meaning, if an NPC dies, its dead for good.

Earthen Peak up to Iron Keep issue has been fixed with the use of EvilDeadAsh's Iron Keep Skybox Remix Mod and a proper explanation in the new mod lore for why Earthen Peak even goes to Iron Keep in the first place.

Modified Starting Classes with tid-bit information of their lore (e.g. Knight class now is a Wandering Forossan Lion Knight, Sorcerer class is now called "Conjurer" thanks to it having both sorcery and pyromancy at the start thanks to such class being from Melfia, a school that uses such forms of arts).

NPCs now DO NOT give their gear at the end of their quest, instead, they offer you effigies as a reward for ending their quest, so, in order to get their gear, you will have to kill ALL NPCs in order to get their gear from drops and Melentia :)

No more infinite lifegems, you have to farm them now, thus making lifegems more valuable.

All NG+ Black Phantoms are gone and NG+ rewards like Dragonrider set or Painting Guardian set for example can be obtained in a first playthrough of the mod.

Pyromancy, in the lore, is both a discipline and a religion, and with Ds3 practically confirming that, this mod now makes pyromancies require both faith and intelligence in order to use them.

Reduced enemies in both Iron Keep and Shrine of Amana, so now you can go through them without the need to pay for therapy after clearing them.

Due to having no concept art of them, no explanation ingame for armor color, and only concept arts of the black variant, all Dragonriders in Ds2 now wear black armor, because by the looks of it, the black variant was supposed to be the Dragonriders' standard gear before the red variant was added to the game.


Now, I would like to thank the amazing people that I met in this community who made the mods that allowed me to perhaps make my last mod in Dark Souls 2 SOTFS, a culmination of both everything that I did in Ds2 and of what I could experience. 

I would like now to thank:

AoiYozora, creator of the "Tales of Drangleic", "Seeker of Fire" and "Player Enhancements" Mod
Moonlight Ruin, developer of "Ds2: Firelink Edition" Mod
Olmoc, creator of the "Adaptability Rework" Mod
Evil Dead Ash, creator of the "Iron Keep Skybox Remix" Mod
Michelangelocz, creator of the "Pimped HUD based on original Dark Souls visuals" Mod
HalfGrownHollow, developer of "Ds2: Absolution" Mod and creator of the "Center Deadzone" Mod
S98III , creator of the "Bonfire Sinner's Rise New Location (SOTFS)" Mod

And finally, the one that inspired me to create the "Ds2 Lore Overhaul" Mod that then culminated into Ds2 "DS-Like" Overhaul, Lokey Lore

Please, check out his theses and analyses on Fromsoft's games, its amazing how the localization can offuscate the true story Fromsoft wants to tell to its players.

In order to install the mod, download the 7.1 gb file, extract the contents inside the .rar folder in the Game folder of Ds2 SOTFS, allow it to overwrite what is needed to, and bam, it will all be set and the mod will be installed!