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transparent background for menus, invasion messages, button promts, etc.

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This mod makes most menu screens and popups in the game (semi-)transparent.
I tried to change as little as possible, basically this mod removes the leather-/book-page-backgrounds from most screens and prompts.

There is an alternative version that includes "Beta style boss HP bar and targetting reticle" by Sir Fist.

Check the comparison pics and decide for yourself.

When getting invaded / invading, it annoyed me that the invasion message was overlapping the item slot icon. So I made this mod.

I later added transparent menu screens, this can actually be useful if you want to change your weapon while in a match.

If there's anything I missed / could be improved, I'm all ears.

You NEED GeDoSaTo! set texture override to true in its config file.

Either use the Nexus Mod Manager or manually uncompress the archive to GeDoSaTo_location/textures/DarkSoulsII/override.

texture descriptions & file list:

01d82cb0.dds - invasion messages
1ff168b4.dds - menu screens (equipment, inventory, etc.)
7de4e358.dds - write message
52a77b92.dds - death count message in majula and similar
563b82a2.dds - bonfire menu, npc menu
c9e21ab1.dds - "summon this phantom" message
e0c55687.dds - merchant screens, bottomless box
e15ca94c.dds - read message