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Changed how work roll, stamina and other things to make gameplay more dynamic and modern

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DS2 SotFS vanilla only! (I dont know if it work for DSII version)

Do you think that Dark Souls II is the worst souls for the gameplay or in any case that would require many improvements?
This mod deals with this

What mod changes:

-Roll iframes and distance: More iframes with lower Adaptability and Attunement.
If you have Adaptability and Attunement at level 9, you can have 13 Iframes. 

Roll distance vanilla has value 5.0 and i put 6.0 (20% more) to do more distance.
Thanks to "Better Rolling - SOTFS mod" that inspired me.

-Stagger animation: speeded up by 4 times. So fights is more fluid and avoiding being killed by the masses is easier

-Weapons durability: Increased twice, also for the rings

-"Fix Firgit Outskirt mod" included (not mine): no more infinite Frozen Reindeers

-Stamina consumption for movements and attacks: Reduced stamina usage for movements and halved for attacks. (Inspired by "DS2 elden stamina mod")

-Item use speed: Estus and items speed usage is increased by x4

-Anim cancel: A very important thing for melee combat, anim cancel speed of weapons is increased by x4. 
In this way you can dodge and move long before, after making an attack

-Merchant Hag Melentia and Chloanne sell some infinite and intersting things like upgrade materials, human effigy, bonfire ascetic, flame butterlfy, old radiant lifegem and other

-Estus: Now minimum is 4 and maximun is 15

-Enemy damage: You can choose between "original damage" and "50% damage reduction"

-Alternative version: 16 Iframes at level 9 of ADP and ATN and 160 stamina points at level 40 of stamina (Only for real journalists!)
-Other alternative options in Downlaod section!

-Copy all content of "1-Core" (EZMODE, dinput8.dll, modengine.ini) in "Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game\"
-Choose between "original damage" and "50% damage reduction" and copy "EnemyParam.param" inside "Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game\EZMODE\Param\"
-Choose from optional files if you want*

*Optional files:
-Modern Roll Alternative version: 16 iframes at level 9 of ADP and ATN and 160 stamina at level 40 of stamina
-Speed Item Alternative: Choose Item speed between x2 or x4 (deafult for mod)
-Spell Speed Alternative: Choose between original (deafult) or x2 cast speed
-Default Roll: This is to have default roll with 5.0 speed (and not 6.0 like in mod)
-And Others...

Modern Roll, Stamina & Agility Mod 1.2 -Experimental
Experimental variant of the mod, more balanced.
Item speed, Roll stamina cost, Spell cast speed and Weapon speed are like Seeker of Fire mod 2.0.7
Weapon stamina cost is like original game.
This is the recommended version for its balance.

NB:I want to thank AoiYozora a lot for inspiring me a lot

Now you can kick the Sir Alonne and Fume Knigh with their own agility!

Mods suggestions:
-Music From Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 3 (Updated Version) ´╗┐for epic boss battle with Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 3 bosses soundtrack! (not a my mods)
-eden VOLITION M97 for Dark Souls II for more vibrant and realistic images (a my mod)

I want to thank you who (even without knowing it) inspired me to do this mod
-Humam2104 for Better Rolling - SOTFS
-timkid for DS2 elden stamina mod
-Sborges98 for Frigid Outskirts Fix
-A nameless friend of mine who forced me to play Dark Souls 2 in Jolly Cooperation, stimulating me to improve the game in some way

I admit that for some time I had an idea of making a sort of version of the "Modern Roll" (that I had created for Dark Souls Remastered) but for Dark Souls 2, just it was without desire.
And therefore here it is

(Only for Who Want Modding)

Tool used: 
DSMapStudio 1.08
Yabber 1.3.1

Use DSMapStudio to see specific changes (a lot)

.param files edited:
-ChrCommonParam, for stamina movements consumption, Stance Break Animation Speed and Stance Break Animation Wait Speed for stagger
-ChrMoveParam, for roll distance (Roll_speed)
-EnemyParam, enemy damage (Aux Damage Multiplier and sometimes Final Damage Multiplier)
-EstusFlaskMaxReinforceParam, for min and max estus
-MenuStatsParam, for Agility and Stamina points
-PhysicalStatsPerLevelStatValuesParam, Item Use Speed (for estus and item consumption speed) and minor changes 
-GeneratorLocation_m50_37_00_00.param (Fix Firgit Outskirt mod)
-GeneratorParam_m50_37_00_00.param (Fix Firgit Outskirt mod)
-RingParam and WeaponParam for Durability (doubled values)
-ShopLineupParam, for Melentia and Chloanne
-WeaponAttackMotionParam, Recovery Speed, that is anim cancel speed
-WeaponStaminaCostParam, guess... (halved values)