Official Vortex Beta Release

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In early 2017 we set out to develop an entirely new mod manager. It was our intention to create a mod manager that would be a suitable replacement for our ageing Nexus Mod Manager and combine its simplicity with a more powerful set of tools and features designed to make modding as accessible as possible to all types of modders - newcomers and veterans alike.

We gave this project the name Vortex, and our lead developer Tannin has been working on it along with our new Vortex developer Nagev to ensure that Vortex is powerful, easy to use, and accessible to a wide array of modders. If you’d like, you can get a breakdown of Vortex’s key features on our dedicated page.

After more than two years of development which involved an open alpha that started in January 2018, Vortex is now in a state where it is both stable and “feature complete”. That's not to say that we won't be adding plenty of new features to Vortex in the coming years, but the Vortex of today is one that will be a more than able mod management tool for the vast majority of mod users. We are therefore proud to roll out the Vortex beta to you, our community, in the hopes that Vortex will help you organise and fine tune your load orders and modding installations, as it has helped so many users during the alpha phase.

If you have a perfectly functioning load order and stable modded game then we highly recommend you do not move over to Vortex at this time. The main focus of Vortex is on making your game as easy to mod as possible, in the most stable way, with the least amount of effort and if your game is already stable, there's no point making even a small effort to move over. However, for many of you who have been plagued by mod conflicts and issues, or who are starting a new playthrough or who just want to try out something new, Vortex might be a great fit.

If you need help deciding whether Vortex is right for you, you can find out in our help center.

If you have decided for yourself that you want to give Vortex a try, you can download it here. We’ll also be updating anywhere on our website that points to Nexus Mod Manager.

Vortex beta

We’re releasing Vortex as a beta because there are likely to be more pesky bugs we need to squash, however, it’s currently very stable and we’re confident enough in both its abilities and its state to make it the primary mod manager of Nexus Mods.

The beta is not intended to last forever, we have a clear roadmap of where we want to be before we officially hit the 1.0 full release and we’ll be listening to your feedback along the way. It is our utmost and realistic hope that this beta phase will not last any longer than the alpha stage has lasted.

In preparation for this announcement, we’ve been hard at work writing some helpful documentation to explain Vortex’s various features. We chose to put this on the wiki so anyone in the community can add their own articles and advice for using Vortex, and to help us ensure the content is up to date.

If you make tools for modders or have an idea for a great extension for Vortex you can check out our development documentation here.

Nexus Mods API - Coming soon…

The beta release of Vortex is a major milestone in the future of Nexus Mods. With that in mind we have another project we’re working on in the background to announce, the Nexus Mods API.

To offer deeper integration with our website and services we will be opening our new API to the public in the near future. What this means is, 3rd party applications and websites will be able to access data from Nexus Mods in a more robust and modern way than they do currently.

At the moment, Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer (among others) use our older hook to work with the site, but as we continue to bring our code base up to date these applications will need to be updated to use our new API. We won’t cut off support straight away though, we’ll be working with these developers to allow a fair transition period before the old systems are turned off entirely. Of course, older versions of these programs will no longer be able to download directly from Nexus Mods after this time, but they will still work for manual mod installations.

We’ll be bringing you more information on our API closer to the time, so stay tuned!


  1. camoboy10
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    so can i still use nexus mod manger because i aint downloadin somthing new that i dont gotta
  2. calscks
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    i used vortex when it was in early alpha stage earlier this year, and had to revert back to NMM almost instantly due to some ground-breaking bugs. since it has now advanced to beta i believe the stability would've improved drastically. but i still have one/several major questions.

    1. i create a plugin using xEdit/CK. how will vortex react to this? xEdit and CK will save plugin directly into the Data folder.
    2. BodySlide can batch build more than one mesh, replacing the original meshes a mod contains. how will vortex react to this activity such as batch building?
    3. i pack a texture mod with loose files into ba2 archive. i proceed to delete all textures installed by the mod from the Data folder, then copy the ba2 archive into the Data folder. what will happen? or should I not touch the Data folder at all, and just modifies the mod install path vortex is managing?
    1. calscks
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      well my questions are left unanswered...guess i'll stick with NMM for another couple of months then.
    2. Pickysaurus
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      1 - it goes into the data folder and is not added as a mod entry unless you zip it up and install to Vortex
      2 - Vortex will give you the "External changes" dialogue which will tell you which meshes changed and let you choose to save or revert.
      3 - if you want to do that for a specific mod I would open the Vortex mods folder to make your changes. O did the same but for extracting BSAs
    3. calscks
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      that's great. this means that whenever i modify the mod folder, the hardlinks will be reflected upon the data folder as well?
  3. Majic7
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    Made post earlier about the problems I had getting Vortex to work right on a couple of mods. Anyway I did a complete wipe of FNV and NMM and started over. This time everything just worked, not a single problem so far. Running smooth as silk now. Thought I had everything cleaned before the first time but I guess not.
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    Is this a browser ?

    I was looking at the files in the vortex folder and it looks like chrome browser files.

    I'm not sure how i feel about running what is basically a browser ,if true , and not being able to lock it down securely the same way i do with my normal browsers.

    I like to have as much control as possible with my info and what gets sent out.
    1. Tannin42
      • Vortex Developer
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      Well, Vortex is indeed built upon browser technology, its UI is built with html, css and js, like web uis and the primary programming language is JS and interpreted by v8, the chrome js interpreter, so your concerns are understandable.

      However: All code that Vortex runs is is part of the (signed) application bundle, Vortex doesn't receive any of its executable data from the internet.The only time it gets data from the internet is downloads and requests to the Nexus API, exactly like the other mod managers.
      It's possible to open an external webpage from Vortex but that will then be a separate process without access to your disc so it won't be any less secure than your regular webbrowser - plus you get a separate warning in Vortex before it opens an external page (except when its our own wiki or embedded youtube videos and such)

      So at the end of the day: No, I don't think Vortex is less secure than NMM or MO. It certainly doesn't send out information about you that NMM/MO didn't.
  5. joyguard
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    To download a mod from Nexus, the downloading sessions are easily to be broken. It fails too many downloads.

    It's the problem of the site or the software?
  6. HadToRegister
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    -using vortex will I keep the same level of manual control
    Yes, but in a different way than Drag and Drop, you make rules instead, telling Mod A to "load after mod B" etc.
    THe MODS tab works with the Loose Textures/Meshes, and BSA, BA2 "load order" IE Which Texture/meshes overwrites another, which BSA2 gets priority over another etc.
    -will moving my 127gb SSE folder into vortex be an issue? Both logistically and from a load order perspective
    I think moving that many specifically edited/merged mods will be difficult for ANY mod manager, I would suggest to install another Betheda game, and mod it using Vortex to become familiairzed with how it works and what it does first, before committing 127gb to it.
    -does vortex mess with load order without my consent, ie moving things without me wanting it to?
    ONLY if you have AUTOSORT turned on.
    Just disable Autosort if you don't want Vortex to automatically sort your Plugins IE esps, esms
    -mod conflict resolution stuff, will it flag mod conflicts, any features with tie ins to xedit framework etc...

    An Orange notification will pop up saying there is a file conflict, if you click on SHOW or MORE, it will filter the list to only the mods where there are file conflicts, then it's up to you to click on the red lightning bolt next to a mod and tell Vortex to either load the mod BEFORE or AFTER the conflicting mod.
    - does it play nice with wyre WRYE (ftfy) bash?
    Yes it does, I even run Wryebash right from the Vortex interface.
    You can set up all of your editing tools right on the dashboard for each game.
    I usually put Xedit, Wryebash/smash/flash, MatorSmash, BAE, BA2 Extractor,, etc in my Tools section on the dashboard.
    1. maximkovalenko
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      Question...with Vortex can I specifically tell one mod to always be at the bottom of my load order? Because some games don't play well with LOOT based sorting (F4, for instance) and if I can specifically tell Vortex that one mod always has to be at the bottom, I can build the rest of the list around it.
    2. StriderOfTheWest
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      Under plugins select the concerning esp, double click it, select "Locked to index" and enter 'FF' (I believe the load order is hexadecimal)
    3. Pickysaurus
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      Very few mods actually need to load last, they just need to load in an appropriate place. You can force it by locking the index or add it to a loot group that loads later
  7. Balx2
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    wooo this one is great news to read. I'm sure the crybabies will continue their little rant about how bad everything is except their preferred outdated by 10 years software is. Maybe they will actually give this a try, or you know, just piss off.
    1. SnakeIsDead29
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      Yeah, screw those guys who have a different opinion than us.
      Enjoy using a mod organizer that you have been using for so long, while we will use one that is brand new.
      mwah ha ha ha ha.
  8. Jannifer
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    @DONKEYMILK -- No, Vortex is not a browser.  Other programs such as 7-Zip and such utilities can read and unpack the archives which you actually download -- those files are not strictly Chrome files.  Vortex only accesses Nexus.  You can't go anywhere else with it, so it doesn't have the security risks that are inherent in a browser.  Most files which are uploaded to Nexus go through a very thorough virus scan, so you are extremely unlikely to pick up malicious yicky stuff from a Nexus archive.
    In short, Vortex is secure and safe to use.
  9. Augusta Calidia
    Augusta Calidia
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    Ok, so I hope to god you plan to fix these problems with vortex.

    1 Crashing my pc when either I download mods or fixing plugins conflicts.

    2 bring back the old file tabs that were used in NMM way more easy to find mods.

    3 esp should be in the data folder of fallout 4 not in a separate folder for Vortex.

    4 make it to where can move the load order for plugins for mods.

    5 please take all this as constructive criticism and actually try to fix these problems.

    6 good luck with this project.

    You may find it more helpful to take these issues to the Vortex Forums (  There you'll find very knowledgeable Vortex users who can provide solid advice and help.
    Meanwhile, I'll briefly address the issues that you have raised.
    1. PC Crash.  Vortex has never crashed my PC in the eight months that I've been using Vortex.  I'm using Vortex to manage three games (Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Skyrim SE) with a total of six profiles.  My guess is that your problem is not Vortex itself but something that happened on the way to installing Vortex and/or setting up your games.
    2. File Tabs.  I switched from NMM to Vortex, and it took me a while to get used to its tab format.  Now I find the tabs just as easy to use as the tabs in NMM.  This may be nothing more than a matter of taste.
    3. ESPs.  Esps are indeed present in the game data folders, but they are present via hardlinks.  This is pure genius on the part of Tannin, the developer.  To understand and appreciate the advantages of this approach, please click on the Nexus Wiki links in the Vortex news release.
    4. Load Order.  You can adjust the load order for plugins in Vortex.  In fact, it's quite easy.  Once again, please consult the Nexus Wiki for Vortex.
    5. Constructive Criticism.  Thank you for your constructive criticisms.  I too have tried to be constructive and helpful in my responses.
    6. Good Luck to you.
    Once again, I encourage you to visit the Vortex Forums for up-to-date information, advice, and help.
  10. leyzork2
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    Alright I switched from NMM to Vortex because I love having everything in one place and BOY OH BOY I wasn't disappointed! The Auto-Update feature is great and the integrated sorting mechanism makes installing mods SO easy. I could go on and on about it.

    Hope more people will appreciate all the work you put into this community <3