• 408,801

    High-Res UI and Subtitle fonts
    High-Res UI and Subtit...
    by backfoggen
  • 116,176

    Highly Visible Health Bars
    Highly Visible Health ...
    by ajane
  • 74,443

    Xbox 360 HD Interface Icons
    Xbox 360 HD Interface ...
    by iwa360
  • 68,772

    Modern keyboard interface icons
    Modern keyboard interf...
    by Broodyr
  • 64,466

    Revamped Stat Buff Icons
    Revamped Stat Buff Ico...
    by SilentRequiem
  • 54,043

    Black keyboard buttons icons
    Black keyboard buttons...
    by taro8
  • 36,619

    PS3 Interface Icons
    PS3 Interface Icons
    by XULTRAX
  • 33,426

    Thanks Obama
    Thanks Obama
    by BeakieHelmet
  • 27,757

    Immersive Hud
    Immersive Hud
    by DarkHermes
  • 19,080

    Collected UI Adjustments
    Collected UI Adjustmen...
    by Augh3d
  • 16,725

    Dark Souls 2 Inspired HUD
    Dark Souls 2 Inspired ...
    by nidbutt
  • 15,493

    UI III
    UI III
    by Khonziel
  • 15,421

    Character Creator Overlay Begone
    Character Creator Over...
    by gnazze
  • 14,304

    by Lomarion
  • 13,866

    Better Aim Sight
    Better Aim Sight
    by delular100
  • 13,491

    Increased menu transparency
    Increased menu transpa...
    by KnightLunaire
  • 12,463

    You Died Like a Bitch
    You Died Like a Bitch
    by Emarrel
  • 11,312

    Area Names Epic subtitles
    Area Names Epic subtit...
    by urielmanx7
  • 11,036

    Complete High-Resolution Font Replacement for EFIGS plus R
    Complete High-Resoluti...
    by roxahris
  • 9,471

    More Artistic less grainy icons v6
    More Artistic less gra...
    by cmoyano
  • 9,052

    Elite Knight Armor
    Elite Knight Armor
    by EvilDeadAsh34
  • 8,999

    DaS1 - Demons Souls Styled Messages
    DaS1 - Demons Souls St...
    by SirFist
  • 8,950

    Pimped HUD with Dark Souls II elements
    Pimped HUD with Dark S...
    by michelangelocz
  • 8,648

    Elite Zweihander
    Elite Zweihander
    by EvilDeadAsh34
  • 8,299

    Improved Main Menu
    Improved Main Menu
    by AmazingKomaru
  • 8,167

    DSfix Enabled Main Title Logo Fix
    DSfix Enabled Main Tit...
    by kevkas
  • 7,957

    DualShock 3 Interface Icons
    DualShock 3 Interface ...
    by michelangelocz
  • 7,880

    Mountain Dew Estus Flask Icon
    Mountain Dew Estus Fla...
    by bakiated
  • 7,610

    Simple UI
    Simple UI
    by LycosaGaming
  • 7,544

    DS HD Interface Icons
    DS HD Interface Icons
    by Mordhar
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