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Various changes to the HUD, most notably a darker ring around the humanity numbers. Other features include a blue lock-on icon and modified health/stamina bars.

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UPDATE (6/11/15):
More than a year later, I decided to update some things. Here's a list of what's changed in 3.0:

  • Added an "end" to the health and stamina bars
  • Improved the colour of the yellow bar when health/stamina is depleted
  • Improved alignment of enemy health bars
  • Added a start and end to boss health bars
  • Changed soul counter background (this texture is shared with the start menu background and friendly AI nameplate backgrounds)
  • Tidied start menu by removing ugly "LB" and "RB" icons
  • Made text yellow and added a very slight shadow to improve visibility
  • Improved alignment of various menus
  • Added a "smoky" effect to the lower left equipment panels
  • Improved transparency of lower left equipment panels
  • Removed various "line" textures to decrease menu clutter

Note: Version 3 screenshots are taken with my SweetFX preset enabled. You can download it from the files section of this mod.

UPDATE (12/09/14):
Added another version with demon's souls style hp/stamina bars, changed enemy health bars and the boss health bar. If you have any suggestions/criticisms I'd be glad to hear them, leave a comment on this mod page or add me on steam.

Included in this mod:

An alternative HUD featuring a darker humanity ring, changed humanity counter numbers, a blue targeting reticle, cleaner health/stamina bars and changes to the lower left equipment display.

Other recommended mods:

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Extract the file in the download section to your dsfix/tex_override folder and make sure enableTextureOverride is set to 1
in your dsfix.ini. Contact me through steam if you have any problems/questions/suggestions.