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A optimized Texture pack designed to bring Dark Souls textures to a higher level.

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This is a HD texture pack i created for Dark Souls to make the game look that much better. All textures are created by me and are at least twice the resolution of the originals and some being as high as four times. The textures i created had a goal to be 100% lore accurate and to not stand out by any means, that means the world of Lordran looks just as decayed, if not even more decayed than before. I tried to make the textures look very similar to the originals even down to the color shading. Some of the Sens Fortress and Blighttown textures are from the very talented Neoshroomish but have been further tweaked to make them look like the original textures ( more decayed and chipped ).

This is a evolving project that takes a lot of time to optimize due to the games limitation of applying modded textures. I played through the entire game and didnt get one stutter BUT it should be mentioned i am playing on a large SSD so your mileage may very. For further details, please check out my youtube channel DragonCrestpc for a video i have posted on these textures and how to mod Dark Souls ( the videos are also in the videos tab now ).

VERSION 3.0 Lite - This is currently the final version due to DSfix not being able to stream more than 300mb of textures. I left a little bit of room so players can install other texture mods as i dont want to make players have to choose between my mod and others. It does make me sad as the final version of 3.0 was over 800mb and i wasnt aware of the issue with DSfix till after i made all the new textures.

IF YOU HAVE VERSION 2.0 - Override your current textures as 3.0 has fixes and improvements over the ones from 2.0

Version 1.0 - Initial Release

Version 2.0 - New textures add, Blighttown improved, Sens Fortress improved.

Version 3.0 - Improved more textures and added more

Be sure to check out my SweetFX presets! http://darksouls.nexusmods.com/mods/289//?

Thanks and enjoy!