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Prevent cheaters from stealing your stats and doing other nasty things with this tool running in the background. No more restoring from backups.

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Please note: DSVfix is not required right now, as the latest patch does exactly what DSVfix used to, and probably more. It seems to be the 1.08 patch PS3 players got, which fixes stat draining, malicious warps and allows free level ups if you've been drained in the past. And probably more. I do plan on adding more features to DSVfix, however, so stay tuned!

What is this?

This is DSVfix, formerly known as DSStatFix. It is short for both "Dark Souls Vulnerability fix" and "Dark Souls Vylandia's (that's me!) fix". DSVfix will make your co-op and PvP life in Dark souls a lot easier, acting as some sort of anti cheat tool. At the moment, DSVfix will turn off stat draining, so you don't have to worry about your stats being drained by malicious players, and also turn off malicious warp modifications, warping you to New Londo, Ash Lake and so on when being hit with a weapon. Also, if your stats have been drained in the past, you can fix your character by sitting at a bonfire. This will adjust your level accordingly, and give you the exact amount of souls required to get back up to your previous level.


  1. Download and install the VC++ Redistributable for VS2012 (x86 version).
  2. Copy DSVfix.dll and DSVfix.ini into your Dark Souls folder. This is typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA".
  3. If you are not using DSfix and don't plan on doing so, rename DSVfix.dll to DINPUT8.dll. If you are using DSfix, open DSfix.ini and search for this line:
  4. dinput8dllWrapper none

    Change it to:
    dinput8dllWrapper DSVfix.dll

    Alternatively, if you're using DSCfix with DSfix, please open DSCfix.ini and search for this line:
    ;dInput8Chain = dsmfix.dll

    Change it to:
    dInput8Chain = DSVfix.dll

    In theory, DSVfix can also load DSCfix. This will crash the game, however, so loading DSVfix with DSCfix instead is advised. If you're using DSMfix or another DirectInput wrapper with either DSfix or DSCfix, don't worry! DSVfix can load that, too. Open DSVfix.ini and change this line:

    To this:
    dinputwrapper dsmfix.dll

    Or whichever other wrapper you want to use. So, again, as a reminder, the suggested load order is: DSfix -> DSCfix -> DSVfix -> DSMfix
  5. That's it! You're done :)


DSVfix is a passive modification, so you won't have to do anything
yourself. If you've followed the installation instructions and the game
does not crash, it should work just fine.


Even though I thoroughly tested this, I can neither guarantee that it
will work for you, nor that it will not damage your saves/computer in
any way. Use this at your own risk. Back up your saves if you wish.


- updated for the Dark Souls patch (17th September 2013)

- malicious warps (New Londo, Ash Lake, ...) are now disabled

- changed name from DSStatFix to DSVfix
- migrated everything into a neat DLL so no external tools are required
- added restoration feature

- initial release