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Bunch of small UI adjustments

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Guess there can't be too many UI edits, so bundling the UI I use/tinker with forever. Some bits are rebuilt, some are just de/resaturated, you get the idea.

In apart from the various homemade stuff (bars, target reticle, most of the HUD type elements) two important parts are mods previously uploaded to this site, I want to fully credit them here (although both authors chose to forego credit in their own readme's, I think they should be/deserve to be credited anyway) and include them rather than urge you to have to go chase down other files. They are;

SilentRequiem's repurposed Fromsoft icons as buff icons
Demon's Souls style splash texts by Anonymous, reuploaded by khadji


Possible wierdnesses, notes and trivia;

I don't know why the cursed portion of the healthbar turns blue when cursed, but who really gets cursed?
I never decided how to redesign the bumper and trigger button icons, so I just left them alone... for now.


1.1 - DDS format + minor adjustments