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Improved White, Red, Sunbro and Gravelord summon signs, also includes HD Player Messages

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People gonna be disappointed =(

So it turns out the texture and particle generation for summon signs is pretty rigid and fairly limiting, the burn particle effect is very overpowering and awkward to control, but most importantly the 3 Soapstone signs all share the same graphic + particles, which is a big shame. I had some different concepts worked up for the various sign types but alas they shall not be, maybe for Dark Souls 2. I settled for a pretty basic sign for white/red/sunbro, and something odd for Gravelord. I'd have done Dragonbro too but I've never seen a Dragonbro sign to this day, I had to mock up the Gravelord sign too cause they're few and far between, and I can't see my own sign. I threw in the HD Player Messages mod since they're all a part of the same thing really.

As always, I take no responsibility for anything anywhere, and deny everything. I've had no problems at all on my fairly primitive rig, but if your game performance does suffer for some reason, you know what to get rid of.


1.1 - Moved to .dds format