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These are settings i created with SweetFX to give Dark Souls a more dynamic look, i have six different presets to choose from. Some of the options in them i use are as follows...

SMAA- My preset has it set to ultra to make sure it has the best AA with almost no performance loss ( be sure to disable AA in DSfix )

Post Process sharpening - I add just a hair of post process sharpening ( pyramid shaped ) to bring out the fine details in the textures without adding any jaggies or aliasing.

Simulated HDR- This gives the game a slightly more dynamic look without crushing all the details and blowing out the white levels.

Slightly more saturated colors- I always loved the look of the Ignite video teaser for Dark Souls which had more color saturation and more bloom and i was finally able to add it.

Darkness- Since the game is more dynamic the dark places in the game are a little darker, if you want to brighten them up just go into your options menu and bump the brightness a notch or two.

[ I prefer Cinematic but this allows for you to make your own choice and i have provided screenshots to compare. ]

Recommended settings for DoF - 810 resolution and 1 for additional blur ( customize to taste )

Recommended brightness - 5 or 6 ( again customize to taste )

Recommended Mods - DSfix , DS mouse fix ( if you play with a mouse and keybaord )

TO INSTALL- Unzip and drag and drop all the files into your DATA folder/ where your DSPTDE.exe is or DATA.exe.

Let me know if you have any questions and i hope you enjoy :)

( i have posted two videos for any questions that you might have )