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The Grass Crest Shield. Love the buff, hate the look? A re-skin of the shield to suit your character. *Added: Due to popular demands, Sunlight style Oneiroii Grass Crest Shield is now available.

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Inspiration for the Sunlight Crest Mod:
Thank you everyone for your endorsements and comments. It does mean a lot since I wasn't expecting to come back to this mod. But after reaching 25 endorsements, I feel like I needed to add a new type of design to this current mod as a return. After looking at some comments (sorry for not replying) and reading private messages (also sorry for not replying =P) there were many demands for a Sunbros style (or Sunlight Style) design. So After a couple of iterations, here is it. The shield is design to fit any look your aiming for while still making you feel like a member of the Sunbros just with the shield itself. I hope people that are looking for this type look for the Grass Crest Shield will be pleased. I hope to read your comments. Feel free to let me know by leaving a LOVE or HATE comment as I enjoy any thoughts you may have. Better yet feel free to upload an image(s) of your character with the shield. I would love to see how the shields is working out with your character(s). There are up to 10 different colour styles to choose from. The core colour schemes are gold, red, green, and white. Enjoy everyone and thanks again!

Inspiration for this Mod:
The Grass Crest Shield is the most equipped shield for me. It provides a good stat and the stamina boost is just awesome. Unfortunately, I have never considered it to be my favourite shield. The reason for me was it's looks. It just looks cheap and old compared to the other crest shields and there was no way it matches my character. So after discovering DSFix (funny I just discovered about the texture override recently) I decide to re-skin the complete shield to suit my character's appearance. Now I can finally say, the Grass Crest Shield is definitely my favourite shield. I hope to share this re-skin with players having the same appearance issues as me or just looking for a new look for the shield.


About this mod:
- Contains colour: Blue, Black, White, Red, Cyan, Gold, Green, Knight (red & blue checker)
- Normal map
- Specular map
- Note* remove "c15f3620.png" from the selection if more shine is preferred .

This is my first mod (for Dark Souls). If you like (or hate) this mod, please let me know by leaving a comment.