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Darkraven Danick Silversmith

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Dark Souls - \"Ebony Lion\" Ornstein Armor Retexture MOD

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Dark Souls - "Ebony Lion" Ornstein Armor Retexture MOD

Full size image can be viewed at:

.This retexture package overwrites Ornstein Armor set in the game.

.Mod pack includes texture mod of:
. Ornstein Armor (helmet, chest, arms and legs)
. Artorias' Shield
. Ornstein’s Dragon slayer Lance

.Requires DSFix plugin to use. DSFix can be downloaded on:
or on nuxusmods: darksouls.nexusmods.com/mods/19

.This package includes 3 versions of textures:
.(Default) Platinum ver. - with silver frame, gold highlight under light source
. Pure Gold ver. - with gold frame, gold highlight under light source
. Pure Silver ver.- with silver frame, ice blue highlight under light source

.Please choose the version you like and put the textures under the game's path, it should look something like:

.in your DSfix's .ini file (DSfix.ini, in the root folder of Darksouls),find the following line:
enableTextureOverride 0
and change it to:
enableTextureOverride 1

. Enjoy! ^w^

PS: Tested only on Darksouls Prepare to Die Edition + DSFix 1.8 beta. Does not guaranteed it will work on other versions, please backup your save data (etc.) before using this mod.

Original textures of the corresponding items (c) Darksouls (c) From Software

MOD by Darkraven Danick aka D.D.Silversmith