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This mod have guts, his armors, his weapons, hair and voice for DS1

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This is a port of my mod from DS Remaster

To install you have to download drag and drop manager https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1355 open the program and set the path to your game, then drag the files you want to install from the mod inside the program, if you don't have the game on steam enable "i wan't to launch Dark Souls manually" option and click launch dark souls w mods, don't close the message box until you leave the game

or you can use UDSFM https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1304 or https://github.com/Nordgaren/Unpack-Dark-Souls-For-Modding-CSharp/releases/tag/1.7 for non steam versions, you download this program and put it in your game folder, then open it and when it finishes unpacking and all you just need to drag the files of the mods you want to install inside the parts folder, except for guts voice mod, this one goes into the sound folder and guts golden age, you put the GameParam.parambnd file inside param -> GameParam folder. Even the version for non steam don't work in all cracked versions, for what i saw, one of the versions it works its the MULTI11-ELAMIGOS

It will replaces what i said but if you want, you can change the number id of the file and it will replace another weapon, hair or armor, (if you replace a helmet that retains the head model of the character with the mods that have guts model or the berserk armor it will look weird) the hitbox of the swords will be the same no matter what weapon you replaces (example: WP_A_0221.partsbnd replaces black knight greatsword,  rename it to WP_A_0208.partsbnd and it will replace zweihander) if you do this with the armors, note that A_ before the id means it is for both male and female, F_ is the armor model for females, M_ is for males and _M after the id means the armor model is for when you are hollow, some armors use A and some use F and M, but all of them uses two versions for A_ or M_ and F_, _M for hollow and without it for the human form. All the armors leggings uses F_ and M_ (AM_ is the gauntlets BD_ is the chestplate HD_ is the helmet LG_ is the leggings)

items id: https://gist.github.com/Meowmaritus/50311377844f79fb00aab9a8d9bf0d37