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Pretty simple mod that adds a greatsword for Chaos enjoyers.

Permissions and credits
Adds a lava-infused greatsword based on Quelaag's Furysword. Tried to balance it for endgame and NG+.
Requires a Murakumo +10 to create, and replaces Furyswords made from Murakumo.
Uses a mixture of Greatsword and Ultragreatsword movesets.

Click here to see it in action

High damage
Quality scaling
Lava blob gimmicks
Versatile moveset
Cool model

Split damage
Amateur modder
Scales with humanity

Requires UnpackDarkSoulsForModding
You should probably always backup your saves and files when you add mods.
Put the following files in your Dark Souls DATA directory:
chr (animations)
dsfix (optional, includes the textures if you want to edit them)
msg (replaces in-game name)
param (parameters)
parts (weapon models)
Put the greatfuryreadme.txt in the nearest garbage bin.

1H R2 can combo into a lava attack.
2H R2 is stronger against bigger enemies (uses Black Knight Greatsword's 2H R2 animation and creates lava pools on hitbox)
Lava attacks ignite your weapon for a few seconds, and cost no durability to use.
Base damage is 120 phys, 140 fire. Scales 55% with strength, 65% with dexterity.
DSFix texture override folders included.
Uses .tae 199 and weapon number 214.
Critical damage is lowered. 
You can imbue a +5 Greatfurysword to deal full damage regardless of humanity ...

FAQ: (nobody asked)

Katalash (DSMapStudio)
TKGP (Yapped)
Meowmaritus (DSAnimStudio)
Alan Zhang (FLVER Editor)
?ServerName? (full of irl 99 int users)

Special thanks:
george/kingbore, Grimrukh, Dropoff, Rainer, HotPocketRemix and everyone else who posts the funny cat emote contribute valuable PTDE tutorials to ?ServerName? making modding it a breeze.
winterbraid (FLVER Editor help and balance testing)