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Additional bonfires, quality of life changes, adjusting magic, changing shields and bows. This mod is english only.

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The Remastered version can be found here.


It's intended for new players as well as veteran players that would like to do a magic run (but couldn't because it wasn't that viable with pyromancies, miracles or any other reason).
This mod contains a few impactful quality of life improvements which significantly enhance the gameplay with the least amount of changes possible. This includes changes to pyromancy and miracles making them viable alone and giving every magic type their own advantage.

This mod is english only which was done to prevent bad translation or missing item names and descriptions.
If you are new to the game: just play the game normally without a wiki. Every combat style is now viable in its own way.
If you have already played the game: Solaire and Laurentius have extra dialogues. They give hints.

Feel free to give me feedback in the posts section. Please excuse my amateurish picture editing and sfx animation skills. Only open spoilers in the description if you don't want to search or find out locations yourself (mostly hinted).


1. Launch your game once and disable anti-aliasing (preparation for DSfix)
2. Download DSFix and copy it into your Dark Souls "DATA" directory: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/19/?tab=files
3. Copy the "DSfix.ini" file from this mod into your Dark Souls "DATA" directory (already has Full-HD and 60fps mode set)
4. Download "UnpackDarkSoulsForModding.exe" from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1304?tab=files
5. Unpack it with "7zip" (https://www.7-zip.de) by right-clicking, "7-zip" -> "extract files here"
6. Copy the .exe file into your Dark Souls "DATA" directory and run it to unpack your files (you can choose "No" when asked for keeping files)
7. Copy all files from the "DATA" folder of this mod into your Dark Souls "DATA" folder

You can now launch the game normally through steam.


Quality of Life and general changes:
  • additional bonfires so boss runs are non existent or less annoying
  • new warping system: 4 bonfires unlocked when both bells are rung and all bonfires unlocked when the lordvessel is acquired (you obviously need to sit down at them first to unlock them)
  • lock-on distance doubled (so you don't do a 180° turn when trying to lock onto an enemy)
  • starting animations e.g. raising flask or casting a spell can now be cancelled by rolling and backstepping
  • "Cast Light" is available from "Griggs of Vinheim" as a sorcery, "Laurentius of the Great Swamp" and "Quelana" as a pyromancy and "Petrus of Thorolund" as a miracle
  • moved "Anor Londo" archer a bit
  • moved "Quelana" to a safer corner nearby
  • replaced many wheel skeletons in Painted World with normal skeletons
  • "Bed of Chaos" flames deal fewer damage
  • tweaked bossfights with multiple low enemies ("Capra Demon" and "Nito")
  • arrows no longer trace
  • "Undead Asylum": floor collapse deals no fall damage
  • "Sunlight Blade" miracle is now acquired at rank 1 (10 offerings) in the "Warriors of Sunlight" covenant together with the "Great Lightning Spear"
  • "Sunlight Spear" miracle can now be cast without the need to be in the "Warriors of Sunlight" covenant but can only be acquired when rank 2 (30 offerings) was ever reached
  • "Sunlight Medal" drops increased 3% -> 10% for "Chaos Bugs", added 2x 100% from "Black Knights", 5% "Silver Knights" and added in specific places (Solaire has extra dialogue)
  • "Souvenir of Reprisal" drop increased 6% -> 15%
  • there are now hints for the Darkmoon covenant
  • "Blighttown": 1 torch moved slightly (to show where to continue) and 2 torches added near the swamp bonfire
  • "Blighttown": "Giant Mosquitos" now have lower sight range for lower aggro radius
  • "Titanite demon" in "Anor Londo" now respawns. The "Titanite demon" in "Lost Izalith" doesn't respawn anymore.
  • full "curse" buildup only kills the player and does not apply the cursed status after death
  • shields changed:
- higher requirements so only those who invest in str or dex can use them or use better ones (thus enforcing melee advantage)
- there are 5 specific dex only shields now:


- the "Crystal Ring Shield" now requires 25 int only
- small and medium shields nerfed, only specific shields are good for specific resistances
- the best medium shields are now rare
- greatshields buffed/changed
  • bows buffed ("Composite bow" and "Dragonslayer Greatbow" are now str only bows, "Darkmoon Bow" scales better off faith, all other bows are dex)

  • more casts for some sorceries, pyromancies and miracles

  • offensive sorcery will not benefit from dex for faster casting speed anymore
  • "White Dragon Breath" now has its fastest casting speed by default and the int requirement was increased to 55


  • pyromancer class stats changed: dex 9->11, int 10->8
  • pyromancy throw improved so you don't feel like throwing an old egg (you can now actually hit enemies right in front of you instead of missing)
  • pyromancers now have 2 additional spells:
"Black Fireball" (Laurentius has extra dialogue)


"Void Orb"


which both deal half physical and half fire damage.
This is lore friendly as the "Black Flame" that is found in the DLC is also a black pyromancy which deals half physical and half fire damage.
  • extra pyro combustion spell can be found in "Undead Burg"
  • 3 bosses that were immune to fire are now just highly fire resistant allowing the game to be completed by only using pyromancies
  • Pyromancy still needs the dex investment (starts at 20 and ends at 40) to cast faster. This way the pyromancer is forced to invest into a stat just like the others. Not doing so will lead to frustrating boss fights as you will get hit faster than you can successfully cast and then dodge.
  • also pyromancers need to invest more into "attunement" anyway since some spells need 2 slots while all sorceries and miracles only need one
  • on top of that pyromancers already need to invest 340500 souls to fully upgrade the pyromancy flame anyway which would be enough to reach lvl 55

  • cleric class starts with an additional "Lightning Dart" spell (can also be bought from "Petrus of Thorolund")
  • stats changed: lvl 2->3, vit 11->10, att 11->12, fai 14->15
  • offensive miracles now have the fastest casting times possible by default without investing into dex. They will not benefit further from investing into dex.
  • new spells:
- "Darkmoon Lance" which deals magic damage acquired from


- "Lightning Glaive" which deals physical, fire and lightning damage acquired from


- "Discus of Light" which deals physical damage bought from


  • miracles now have more spells with enough casts for broader variety and this way the game can be beaten in a more comfortable way by using miracles only


  • ?ServerName? Discord and all the people that were answering all my questions
  • all modders that developed the many tools to make modding easily accessible as it is now