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Replaces the nightmarish gramophone/alarm sound in the Duke’s Archives with something more pleasant.

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This mod is inspired by that one scene in Dunk Souls Remastered by videogamedunkey.

Replaces the sound of that one nasty alarm, triggered by leaving the Archive Tower prison cell (which happens shortly after the first encounter with Seath) in the Duke’s Archives, with the main menu theme for Cruis'n USA (Nintendo 64).

Game behaviours on the alarm itself are not altered in any ways; only the sound is changed.


1. If you haven’t done so already, unpack the game files with UnpackDarkSoulsForModding.

2. Replace DATA/sound/frpg_sm17.fsb in your game installation folder with the one provided in this mod.

You should also make a backup of the original file before you overwrite it.


Overwrite the modded frpg_sm17.fsb with your backup file.

Alternatively, use Drag and Drop Mod Manager to install mods without unpacking the game.


This mod changes two tracks within one file, and anything that touches said file (frpg_sm17.fsb) would be incompatible. One example would be Dark Souls Prepare to Custom Boss Music Overhaul.

To get around it, you can use Dark Souls Sound Inserter to merge both .fsb files. The two tracks involved are scn170010.wav (id=4) and silen.wav (id=5). Make sure that the modded silen.wav is set to loop from 00:08.491 to 00:23.511.

Known issues:

1. There is a brief, glitchy noise at the very beginning of the cutscene where the snake soldier turn on the alarm and the tentacle snakes set loose. I personally find it rather subtle but noticeable nevertheless.

The noise appears only after I swapped the track within DSSI – I examined the modified scn170010.wav to put in the .fsb file, and there is no such noise present. I can’t identify what went wrong so I left it as-is.

2. The transition from the cutscene to gameplay isn’t perfect. Instead of resuming from where the cutscene music leaves off, the whole track would start all over again before looping.

You will find disparity between the cutscene and gameplay, whether you skip the former or not. This is intended, but any suggestions on making such transition smoother (like maybe the cutscene music fade out needs some work) would be greatly appreciated. 

Same also applies for dying/warping/reloading: it starts playing every time you load in the area.


UnpackDarkSoulsForModding by HotPocketRemix

Dark Souls Sound Inserter – DSSI by RavagerChris37


And obviously, the folks who worked on Cruis'n USA, specifically the N64 version theme.