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A music and sound effects mod that replaces all boss tracks, female player voice and lowers the sound effects of metal armor.

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Dark Souls has an "ok" soundtrack...but after so many play throughs it gets kind of stale.  I get that the world is supposed to be dark and dismal but after already lacking background music, one would expect the score of the boss fights to be truly epic.  At the end of the day, I guess it's all subjective.  This mod replaces all the boss tracks handpicked by me based on my 35+ years of gaming and machinima work. 

Most of the tracks are more modern so don't expect anything from the 80's or 90's. The score is also accompanied by a female voice replacer of 2B from this mod here 2b Voice mod at Dark Souls Remastered Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) as well as my own version of less noisy armors which have been reduced by a total of 50% Here is the original MOD should you be interested in a version that doesn't have the music tracks/female voice changes. Less noisy body armors Remastered at Dark Souls Remastered Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

Below is an extensive list of the tracks used and where they can be found.

1. Character Creation -  Soul Calibur 6 main menu

2. Boss Death -  Soul Calibur 6 Character Creator (This track plays upon successful defeat of a MAJOR boss character)

3. Your Death - Lead Me Home (TWD Opening Theme)

4. Gargoyles - Jingoku Rock (Hell Girl Theme)

5. Tarus Demon - No changes (It already captures the intensity of fighting a large creature)

6. Gaping Demon - The Burning Lava Fish (Metroid Prime)

7. Capra Demon - Death or Sovngarde Remix

8. Firelink Shrine - Dead by Daylight Campfire Theme

9. Priscilla - FFXIII-2 Yuel's Theme (This track only plays if you attack her.  It's a fitting song but ask yourself...is it really worth it?)

10. Sif - Raging Brachydios (Monster Hunter World Iceborne)

11. Moonlight Butterfly - Sabre's Edge (FFXIII Boss Battle)

12. Gravelord Nito - Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Boss Battle 1

13. Pinwheel - Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Boss Battle 1

14. Ash Lake - Death or Sovngarde Remix 

15. Quelaag - Safi Jiva Final Form (Monster Hunter World Iceborne)

16. The Fair Lady aka Quelaag's Sister - The Vanishing Sky (Bullet Witch)

17. Ceaseless Discharge - Skyrim Dragons!!!

18. Bed of Chaos - Nameless Ordeal (Soul Calibur 6 Gr0h Theme)

19. Centipede Demon - Champions Online Character Creation

20. Demon Firesage - Trouble in Town (Assassins Creed III)

21. Iron Golem - The Evil Flame (Soul Calibur 6 Soul Edge Theme)

22. Ornstein and Smough - Clash Combat! (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

23. Gwyndolin - Decisive Battle (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

24. Gwynevere's Chamber Serah's Memory Theme (FFXIII-2)

25. The Four King's - Safi Jiva (Monster Hunter World Iceborne)

26. Seath - Raging Brachydios (Monster Hunter World Iceborne)

27. Gywn - Drunken Whaler (Dishonored)

28. Asylum/Stray Demon - Hunt or be Hunted (The Witcher SCVI Ver.)

29. Sanctuary Guardian - Battle of Iwo Jima (Battlefield V)

30. Artorias - Hunted (Battlefiled 1)

31. Manus - Freedom Fighter (Assassins Creed III)

32. Kalameet - Bullet Witch Alicia (Bullet Witch Theme)

33. Battle of Stoicism - Russian March (Call of Duty World at War)

Whew!  That was alot.  I hope you guys enjoy.  If not or if you come across any issues, please let me know and I'll try and take care of them ASAP.

Special thanks to the folks responsible for DSSI who without their efforts this would not be possible.