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This is a savegame for Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition. I decided to upload my savefile for people who bought the game recently (or not) and dont want to spend time creating a new character right from the beginning, there are 10 characters with level 100+ and they are all into NG+2 to NG+7 with a lot of souls and time spent on them.

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What is in the save ?

In this savegame you will encounter 10 characters ready to play and with fully upgraded gear and weapons, as well estus flasks.

Each has its own appearance and covenant ranked to the maximum level.

Most of them are above NG3, so expect a tough start.

All of the characters start already at the Firelink Shrine, since i wanted to post them while not in Hollow Form for aesthetic reasons :)

I hope you all have fun...

They look much, much cooler with Andres Cranial Ember by Mike Blackney

You can find it at https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/23


1 - Download PTDE Save Viewer (PC) from https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1181 and extract it whetever you want.

2 - Download and extract my savegame whetever you want too.

3 - Go into you save folder at C:\Users\Username\Documents\NBGI\DarkSouls\

4 - Move your savegame (DRAKS0005.sl2) to somewhere else. DONT DELETE IT, JUST MOVE IT !!!

5 - Execute ds-saveviewer inside the folder you extracted earlier (you might need to install Java if you dont have it already)

6 - The program will ask you to show where the savegame is since now your savegame folder is empty.

7 - Put the path that leads to my savefile (the one called DRAKS0005.sl2) and click ok.

8 - Click into the folder with an + simbol on it (also called add group) and create an group, name it whetever you like.

9 - Click into a character you want to copy and then click on the export button on the left of the character name.

10 - Choose the group you created and click SAVE, do it to all the other characters if you want to.

11 - Now close the program.

12 - Delete the folder with my savegame in it.

13 - Put your savegame file back into C:\Users\Username\Documents\NBGI\DarkSouls\ (the one i asked you to move somewhere else in step 4) 

14 - Now execute ds-saveviewer again and put the path that leads to your savegame now...

15 - After opened, double-click the group you created earlier to open it and gain access to the characters you copied.

16 - Click on the character you want to and then in the import button, left to the character name.

17 - Choose one slot to overwrite and then SAVE, do it for the others too.

18 - Close the program and start the game to load your new characters.


You can do these steps to copy characters from another PCs to yours too...


You cant just overwrite a DRAKS0005.sl2 savefile with another, because when your game loads it, the game will detect that the save is not yours and WILL show it as corrupted, and start a fresh one, at least it happens in the Steam version of it.


Some DRAKS0005.sl2 savefiles created by a cracked game executable might not be read by ds-saveviewer.