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Xenthos Dropoff and Nordgaren

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A mod that adds Dark Souls 2 armors to Dark Souls 1

Permissions and credits
DS 2 Armor for PTDE
By: Xenthos, Dropoff and Nordgaren

To install, use Unpack Dark Souls for Modding C# (https://github.com/Nordgaren/Unpack-Dark-Souls-For-Modding-CSharp/releases)
or the original UDSFM by HotPocketRemix.
merge the provided DATA folder with your unpacked DATA folder.

DS2 armors can be found on the undead female merchant in the canal and Rickert of Vinheim

PTDE Version here: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1800

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Mod Authors:
If you wish to merge these armors with your mod, I have two tools that may help.

The first is DRB Icon Appender Batch tool. This is a modification of DRB
Icon Appender by TKGP that will allow you to save a range of icons to a
.json file from one mod, and load them into another.

The second is ParamVessel Batch Tool, which is a modification of ParamVessel by Meowmaritus. It
will also allow you to save the params in batch and load them into
another param file.

You will need to add Icon15 from menu_4 and add Icon15 to the menu.tpf.
Make sure when you add the texture and the dummy texture that you add
the new file to the end of the Yabber XML file, or you will have icon

You will need to merge Icons 1500 - 1631 and then merge EquipParamProtector 4000000-4313000. 
ShopLineupParam 1221-1296 and ShopLineupParam 2107-2163 for the two shops at Rickert and Undead Female Merchant

List of armor parts IDs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZfNrVujvadZI0w6P2qtWr3RJ8_CO2IyOFdMNMznr5pI/edit?usp=drivesdk
List of armors added:
 Alva Set
 Faraam Set
 Mad Warrior Set
 Royal Soldier Set
 Heide Knight Set and Iron Mask
 Infantry Set
 Alonne Knight Set
 Alonne Knight Captain Helm
 Alonne Knight Captain Armor
 Gyrm Warrior Set and Greathelm
 Drakeblood Set
 Shadow Set
 Falconer Set
 Black Dragon Set
 Bone Set
 Dragon Acolyte Set
 Insolent Set
 Jester's Set
 Loyce Set
 Ruin Set
 Targray's Set and Plate (Custom Chest that removes the skirt)
 Tseldora Set
 Rampart Golem Set
 Black Set
 Charred Loyce Set
 Grave Warden Set
 Ivory King Set
 Raime's Set
 Smelter Set
 Velstadt's Set
 Old Knight Set
 Archdrake Set